Citizenship Across the Curriculum

Citizenship Across the Curriculum

Edited by Michael B Smith, Rebecca S Nowacek and Jeffrey L Bernstein
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 05/03/2010
Format: Paperback 1 b&w illus
ISBN: 978-0-253-22179-7
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Citizenship Across the Curriculum advocates the teaching of civic engagement at the college level, in a wide range of disciplines and courses. Using "writing across the curriculum" programs as a model, the contributors propose a similar approach to civic education. In case studies drawn from political science and history as well as mathematics, the natural sciences, rhetoric, and communication studies, the contributors provide models for incorporating civic learning and evaluating pedagogical effectiveness. By encouraging faculty to gather evidence and reflect on their teaching practice and their students’ learning, this volume contributes to the growing field of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Author Bio

Michael B. Smith is Assistant Professor of History and Environmental Studies at Ithaca College.
Rebecca S. Nowacek is Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Marquette University.
Jeffrey L. Bernstein is Professor of Political Science and Faculty Development Fellow at Eastern Michigan University.


“Advocating the teaching of civic engagement at the college level, the contributors provide models for incorporating civic learning and evaluating pedagogical effectiveness, encouraging faculty to gather evidence and reflect on their teaching practice and their students’ learning.”

“As Americans flock to college in record numbers, higher education has an unprecedented opportunity to help a new majority of Americans achieve the knowledge and determination to redeem the full promise of democracy—for liberty, justice, equal dignity, and the quality of our shared futures. Citizenship Across the Curriculum provides rich guidance for faculty members on what it means to take these responsibilities seriously.”
 — Carol Schneider, President, Association of American Colleges and Universities

“A thoughtful, readable, inspired book, full of insights and ideas for any teacher who wants to help students become more active citizens. These essays can and should launch a lasting conversation, within and across the disciplines, about how best to educate today's college students for engaged citizenship.”
 — Elizabeth Lynn, Founder and Director, Project on Civic Reflection

“A ground-breaking book, Citizenship Across the Curriculum explores the range of ways different disciplines can illuminate civic questions and help students develop a stronger civic lens. ”
 — A Crucible Moment: College Learning & Democracy's Future

“Citizenship Across the Curriculum is an important book. Our political climate has become more caustic and less productive. As professors and college-administrators, we need to take responsibility to educate the next generation of citizens. This book can help provide direction in that journey.Vol. 6, No. 2”
 — MountainRise

“[This] new book . . . urges colleges and universities to make civic engagement a key component of their curricula as a way to help students become more active participants in the democratic process.7/31/10”
 — Ithaca Journal

“Citizenship across the Curriculum provides useful ideas about incorporating civic engagement in a diverse set of college courses. October 1, 2010”
 — Academe

“[T]he book itself models an ideal of citizenship: committed, impassioned, intelligent people working respectfully toward some ideal(s) of the common good.Vol. 20, no. 1, December 2010”
 — National Teaching and Learning Forum

“In Citizenship Across the Curriculum, eight post-secondary teachers from diverse institutions . . . break the silence on their own teaching practices and make a valuable contribution to public discourse on teaching and learning. August, 2011”
 — H-Education

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Table of Contents

Foreword: Civic Learning: Intersections and Interactions / Mary Taylor Huber and Pat Hutchings

Introduction: Ending the Solitude of Citizenship Education / Michael B. Smith, Rebecca S. Nowacek, and Jeffrey L. Bernstein
1. Citizenship-Oriented Approaches to the American Government Course / Jeffrey L. Bernstein
2. De-Stabilizing Culture and Citizenship: Crafting a Critical Intercultural Engagement for University Students in a Diversity Course / Rona Tamiko Halualani
3. Fostering Self-Authorship for Citizenship: Telling Metaphors in Dialogue / Carmen Werder
4. We Are All Citizens of Auschwitz: Intimate Engagement and the Teaching of the Shoah / Howard Tinberg
5. Understanding Citizenship as Vocation in a Multidisciplinary Senior Capstone / Rebecca S. Nowacek
6. Educating for Scientific Knowledge, Awakening to a Citizen's Responsibility / Matthew A. Fisher
7. Enumeration, Evidence, and Emancipation / Michael C. Burke
8. Science, Technology, and Understanding: Teaching the Teachers of Citizens of the Future / David R. Geelan
9. Local Environmental History and the Journey to Ecological Citizenship / Michael B. Smith
10. Across: The Heterogeneity of Civic Education / David Scobey
11. Academic and Civic Engagement / Edward Zlotkowski

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