Philanthropy for Health in China

Philanthropy for Health in China

Edited by Jennifer Ryan, Lincoln C. Chen and Tony Saich
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 05/05/2014
ISBN: 978-0-253-01458-0
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Drawing on the expertise of Chinese and Western academics and practitioners, the contributors to this volume aim to advance the understanding of philanthropy for health in China in the 20th century and to identify future challenges and opportunities. Considering government, NGO leaders, domestic philanthropists, and foreign foundations, the volume examines the historical roots and distinct stages of philanthropy and charity in China, the health challenges philanthropy must address, and the role of the Chinese government, including its support for Government Organized Non-Governmental Organizations (GONGOs). The editors discuss strategies and practices of international philanthropy for health; the role of philanthropy in China’s evolving health system; and the prospects for philanthropy in a country beginning to engage with civil society.

Author Bio

Jennifer Ryan is a Research Fellow in Global Health and Philanthropy at the China Medical Board. She has a master’s degree in Regional Studies-East Asia from Harvard University.

Lincoln C. Chen is President of the China Medical Board, an independent American foundation for advancing health in China and Asia. He was Founding Director of the Harvard Global Equity Initiative, Taro Takemi Professor of International Health, and Director of the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies. Dr. Chen is Chair of the Board of BRAC USA and former Chair of the Board of CARE/USA.

Tony Saich is Director of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation and Daewoo Professor of International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School. Saich is a trustee member of International Bridges to Justice and the China Medical Board.


“[T]his volume’s greatest strength is that it puts Chinese and Western scholars and practitioners in direct conversation with one another on some of the important challenges facing the non-profit sector in China today. The book provides an excellent overview of the landscape and opportunities for health philanthropy in China which will be useful to social historians, to non-profit personnel as well as lay persons seeking to understand or invest in health in China.”
 — Social History of Medicine

“Commissioned by the China Medical Board in celebration of its 100th anniversary, “Philanthropy for Health in China” brings together the expertise of over two dozen authors in 14 chapters. Contributors hail from a range of academic fields, and many have long experience as practitioners working in philanthropy. . . it can be commended for drawing a clear picture of the contributions of health philanthropy in China historically and for presenting concise snapshots of recent programmes.June 2015”
 — The China Quarterly

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Philanthropy for Health in China: Distinctive Roots and Future Prospects / Lincoln Chen, Jennifer Ryan, Tony Saich
Section I: Revitalization after Collapse
1. The Collapse and Re-emergence of Private Philanthropy in China, 1949-2012 / Zhenyao Wang and Yanhui Zhao
2. Shifting Balance of Philanthropic Policies and Regulations in China / Mark Sidel
3. Changing Health Problems and Health Systems: Challenges for Philanthropy in China / Vivian Lin and Bronwyn Carter
Section II: Chinese Roots and Foreign Engagement
4. Medicine with Mission: Chinese Roots and Foreign Engagement in Health Philanthropy / Xiulan Zhang and Lu Zhang
5. American Foundations in Twentieth Century China / Zhongyun Zi and Mary Bullock
6. Connecting Philanthropy with Innovation: China in the First Half of Twentieth century / Darwin Stapleton
7. International Philanthropic Engagement in Three Stages of China’s Response to HIV/AIDS / Ray Yip
8. Gender and Reproductive Health in China: Partnership with Foundations and the United Nations / Joan Kaufman, Mary Ann Burris, Eve W. Lee, and Susan Jolly
9. Foreign Philanthropic Initiatives for Tobacco Control in China / Jeffrey Koplan and Pamela Redmon
Section III: Transitions and Prospects
10. GONGOs in the Development of Health Philanthropy in China / Guosheng Deng and Xiaoping Zhao
11. The Red Cross Society of China: Past, Present and Future / Caroline Reeves
12. More than Mercy Money: Private Philanthropy for Special Health Needs / Li Fan
13. Charitable Donations for Health and Medical Services from Hong Kong to Mainland China / David Faure
14. Towards a Healthier Philanthropy: Reforming China’s Philanthropic Sector / Yongguang Xu