Parke County

Parke County

Indiana's Covered Bridge Capital
Marsha Williamson Mohr, afterword by Jon Kay, foreword by Mike Lunsford
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/01/2015
Format: Paperback 130 color illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-01615-7
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With its beautiful meadows and countless meandering streams, picturesque Parke County, Indiana, is home to 31 historic covered bridges, ranging from 43 to 315 feet long. Every October, the county hosts the Covered Bridge Festival, which draws more than two million people nationwide to the courthouse lawn in Rockville. From there, tourists set off to visit the bridges and to seek out the arts and crafts fairs located in each of the festival’s nine communities. Photographer Marsha Williamson Mohr has spent years in the area, capturing spellbinding images of the bridges and nearby farms and the natural beauty of the area, season by season. The warmth and vitality of Parke County brings her back time and time again, and this gorgeous photographic collection will call you back as well.

Author Bio

Marsha Williamson Mohr, a freelance photographer, is author of Indiana Barns (IUP, 2010) and Indiana Covered Bridges (IUP, 2012).


“Photographer Marsha Williamson Mohr encourages us to take our foot off the gas pedal through tree-tunneled country lanes and notice rural Indiana’s changing seasons. Her arrested waterfalls and wide horizontal shots, like views from a car windshield, fulfill nostalgic longing for a slower, quieter time when rattling cicadas were the dominant sound. Parke County native Mike Lunsford’s history of the region and folklorist Jon Kay’s descriptions of local artisans bring humanity to Mohr’s blissfully un-crowded landscapes.”
 — Rachel Berenson Perry, author of William J. Forsyth: The Life and Work of an Indiana Artist

“Marsha Williamson Mohr’s wonderful Parke County beckons one to get acquainted with a quieter time. When you pick it up, you’ll probably find yourself settling back in a comfortable chair to soak up each page which softly implores 'relax and ponder awhile.' Picturesque roads, barns and wooden covered bridges are interspersed with the natural beauty of this jewel of rural Indiana. See what peacefulness is!”
 — Gary Moore, author of Brown County Mornings

“Spellbinding images of bridges, farms and streams capture the warmth and vitality of Parke County's natural beauty.”

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