The Artists of Brown County

The Artists of Brown County

Lyn Letsinger-Miller, introduction by Rachel Berenson Perry and Lyn Letsinger-Miller
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 07/19/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-04545-4
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From the early 1900s through the 1940s, the scenic hill country of Brown County, Indiana, was home to a flourishing colony of artists who migrated there from urban areas of the Midwest. Now back in print, The Artists of Brown County, first published in 1994, is the classic book on the history of this remarkable art colony.

Following an introduction to "Peaceful Valley," as the area was affectionately called, chapters are devoted to 16 of the artists, including three couples: T. C. Steele, Will Vawter, Gustave Baumann, Dale Bessire, the photographer Frank M. Hohenberger, Adolph Shulz and Ada Walter Shulz, L. O. Griffith, V. J. Cariani and Marie Goth, Carl C. Graf and Genevieve Goth Graf, Edward K. Williams, Georges LaChance, C. Curry Bohm, and Glen Cooper Henshaw. Lavish color reproductions of the artists' work accompany the biographical sketches. Rachel Berenson Perry's introduction places the Brown County art colony within the broader context of American regional art.

Author Bio

Lyn Letsinger-Miller, a journalist and former television news producer, is president of the Brown County Art Gallery Foundation. She lives in Nashville, Indiana.

Rachel Berenson Perry is Curator of Fine Arts at the Indiana State Museum and author of The Life and Art of Felrath Hines and William J. Forsyth. She lives in Nashville, Indiana.


"A well-rounded overview of the Brown County Art Colony. . . . Meticulously researched, carefully written, and finely illustrated."


"With 82 full-color reproductions and a lively, conversational tone, this beautiful book is a joy to read."


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Table of Contents

Introduction: "An American Art Colony" by Rachel Berenson Perry

Peaceful Valley

The Artists of Brown County
1. T. C. Steele (1847-1926)
2. Will Vawter (1871-1941)
3. Gustave Baumann (1881-1971)
4. Dale Bessire (1892-1974)
5. Frank M. Hohenberger (1876-1963)
6. Adolph Shulz (1869-1963) and Ada Walter Shulz (1870-1928)
7. L. O. Griffith (1875-1956)
8. V. J. Cariani (1891-1969) and Marie Goth (1887-1975)
9. Carl C. Graf (1892-1947) and Genevieve Goth Graf (1890-1961)
10. Edward K. Williams (1870-1950)
11. Georges LaChance (1888-1964)
12. C. Curry Bohm (1894-1971)
13. Glen Cooper Henshaw (1880-1946)
14. Other Artists