Michigan Motivations

Michigan Motivations

A Year of Inspiration with the University of Michigan Wolverines
Cyle Young and Del Duduit, foreword by George Lilja
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 07/07/2020
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-04820-2
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Over the past century, the Wolverines have created heroes and legends that excite both the young and old. From the first football game in 1879 to the hundreds of thousands of faithful fans that cheer on the most triumphant program in college football history, University of Michigan football has an undeniable legacy.

In Michigan Motivations: A Year of Inspiration with the University of Michigan Wolverines, authors Cyle Young and Del Duduit relive the most famous moments and show readers how they too can overcome adversity, find success, understand true teamwork, and much more. A year's worth of weekly stories will motivate and inspire, showcasing legendary players like Tom Harmon, Anthony Carter, Desmond Howard, Charles Woodson, and Tom Brady. Along the way, readers will also appreciate the Wolverine persistence that drove a 1934 team MVP to become the 38th President of the United States, and they will learn to apply that same Michigan character in their own life.

Michigan Motivations is for every fan that bleeds Maize and Blue. Rejoice at the stories that reveal come-from-behind victories, sigh at surprise losses, and scratch your head at how Ohio State went to the Rose Bowl in 1974.

Author Bio

Cyle Young is a multiple-genre award-winning author and author of Belly Buttons and Broken Hearts. Winner of over twenty writing awards, he considers himself a "binge writer" and routinely scribes 30,000 words in a weekend.

Del Duduit is an award-winning nonfiction author and former sportswriter from Lucasville, Ohio. His weekly blog appears at delduduit.com, and his articles have appeared in multiple national publications.


"The history of college football is as essential to the future of the sport as ever. Michigan Motivations stands out as Cyle and Del have compiled the stand-out moments in Wolverine history that will motivate not only those who follow the Maize and Blue but any college sports fanatic."

 (Jacob Smith, Sports Editor, Daily Times)

"Cyle Young and Del Duduit have captured the heart of what it means to be a Michigan Wolverine and then applied that truth to everyday life. In Michigan Motivations, you'll be challenged to live like a champion at home, at work, and at play. These 52 moments in Michigan football history will not only inspire your mind, they will challenge your heart."

 (Gary Rose, Former Michigan Football Player, Class of 2001)

"A great motivational journey with the Maize and Blue. Cyle and Del capture the ups and downs of the country's greatest football institution in a way we can transfer to lessons to our personal lives. Go Blue!"

 (Brodie Killian, 2nd Generation Michigan Football Player, Class of 2001)

"What a pleasure to be taken aback by some of the most historic moments in Michigan football history. Cyle, you've done it my friend...the analogizes are uncanny and the examples of resolve are on point. A real Wolverine archives this piece of work!"

 (James Whitley, Former Michigan Football Player)

"In Michigan Motivations, Del Duduit and Cyle Young take you back to some of the greatest gridiron moments involving the Maize and Blue. You'll delight in their vivid descriptions of these spectacular on-the-field exploits of one of the iconic programs in college football. Armed with a litany of specific follow-up action steps, you'll be inspired to run through a brick wall and win your own personal Heisman."

 (Dr. John Huang, Nolan Group Media)

"Michigan Motivations will have you reliving all the memorable University of Michigan football triumphs that you cherished growing up. Del and Cyle relate these unforgettable moments to practical life lessons that the reader can apply personally and professionally. You will find yourself coming back to this book week after week for inspiration and encouragement. Go Blue!"

 (Jordan Swavel, season ticket holder)

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Table of Contents


Spring Training

Week 1: Be Extraordinary

Week 2: Anything Is Possible

Week 3: Carry the Load

Week 4: Little Brother

Week 5: Give the Roses While You Can

Week 6: Turning Point

Week 7: Leave a Legacy

Week 8: Point-a-Minute

Week 9: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Week 10: Throw the Ball to Me

Week 11: Come Off the Bench and Make an Impact

Week 12: The Pose

Summer Workouts

Week 13: Don't Take Life for Granted

Week 14: Cigar in Hand

Week 15: What's in Your Jug?

Week 16: Climbing Everest

Week 17: Make a Great First Impression

Week 18: Ten Year War

Week 19: Be Spectacular Today

Week 20: Upset Alert

Week 21: Find a Silver Lining

Week 22: Snow Bowl

Week 23: Be Versatile for Your Team

Week 24: Spring Game

Week 25: A Good Defense Wins Games

Fall Season

Week 26: Interim

Week 27: What Does Your Nickname Say About You?

Week 28: The Game

Week 29: Be Accountable

Week 30: The Controversy

Week 31: Deliver in a Big Way

Week 32: The Catch

Week 33: Be Accountable to Your Team

Week 34: Night Game

Week 35: Don't Be a Glory Hog

Week 36: Badger Battle

Week 37: Defend Your House

Week 38: Orange Bowl

Week 39: Be Unstoppable

Winter Preparation

Week 40: Little Brown Jug

Week 41: Let Your Reputation Speak for Itself

Week 42: Kick Cancer

Week 43: Be Willing to Change Positions

Week 44: Meechigan

Week 45: Defy the Odds and Win

Week 46: Hail, Yes!

Week 47: Believe in Your Team

Week 48: The Performance

Week 49: Be Versatile in Everything You Do

Week 50: First Game

Week 51: Use Your Unique Ability

Week 52: The Performance