Indiana Poems
Norbert Krapf, photographs by David Pierini
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 10/01/2008
Format: Paperback 61 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-35224-8
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Author Norbert Krapf is the regional winner of the 2014 Indiana Authors AwardFinalist, 2009 Best Books of Indiana Award, Poetry

Bloodroot showcases poetry from the collected works of Jasper, Indiana, native Norbert Krapf. Spanning 35 years, these poems focus on Krapf's experiences living in southern Indiana and the intersection of his life with his German ancestry. Forty of the poems are published here for the first time.

Photographs by David Pierini, inspired by Krapf's work with many taken in and around Dubois County, grace this evocative portrait of a poet and place.

Author Bio

Indiana Poet Laureate Norbert Krapf was Professor of English at Long Island University from 1970 47to 2004. His books include The Country I Come From: Poems and Invisible Presence: A Walk through Indiana in Photographs and Poems, a collaboration with photographer Darryl Jones (IUP 2006). He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

David Pierini is a staff photographer for The Herald newspaper in Jasper, Indiana. He was named Newspaper Photographer of the Year in 2003 and 2006 by the Indiana News Photographers Association. He lives in Chicago, Illinois.


“Anyone who doubts that poetry can reveal the history of a person or a place should read the collected poems of Indiana poet laureate Norbert Krapf. March 2009”
 — Indiana Magazine of History

“Krapf's poems are sensually rich and wildly accessible. . . . This is a collection to be savored.February 1, 2009”
 — Michael Zimmerman, Indianapolis Star

“A new poetic voice has risen out of the hills and woods of southern Indiana, Hoosier poet laureate Norbert Krapf. . . . What one has been endowed with is a major part of what one has to endow the future. Out of this endowment Krapf has given us a great legacy.”
 — John D. Groppe, Valparaiso Poetry Review

“Krapf's poems are a conglomeration of wildlife, people, plants, nature, and land, with vivid imagery allowing the reader to practically smell the flowers, walk with bare feet through the grass, and feel the wind on their cheek.March/April 2009”
 — Northern Indiana Lakes Magazine

“Spanning 35 years, and including 40 previously unpublished works, these poems focus on Krapf's experiences living in southern Indiana and the intersection of his life with his German ancestry. "Norbert Krapf is one of our distinguished and moving American poets. The new poems seem among his best." —Robert Phillips”

“Norbert Krapf is one of our distinguished and moving American poets. The new poems seem among his best.”
 — Robert Phillips

“The test of 'poetry of place' is whether it feels perfectly familiar to a reader who lives there. I'm a southern Indiana native who feels right at home in Norbert Krapf's poems.”
 — James Alexander Thom

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Table of Contents

CONTENTS: Poems List

I. Somewhere in Southern Indiana (1993)
The Forefather Arrives
Entering the Southern Indiana Wilderness
Cutting Wood
The Woods of Southern Indiana
Indigo Bunting
Purple Trillium
Tulip Poplar
Skinning a Rabbit
Darkness Comes to the Woods
Southern Indiana
St. Meinrad Archabbey
To Obscure men
Two Bricks and a Board
My Father Young Again
A Terre Haute Story
Hoosier Songs
A Civil War Veteran from Indiana
For an Old Friend
Basketball Season Begins
Somewhere in Southern Indiana

II. Bittersweet Along the Expressway (2000)
Arriving on Paumanok
Sycamore on Main Street
Ancestral Voices
Weeping Willow
Gatsby Country
The Roslyn Forge
Song of the Music Stand
A Midwestern Story
A Dream of Plum Blossoms

III. The Country I Come From (2002)
A Whiff of Fresh Sheets
Full Circle
The Language of Place
The Language of Species
What We Lost in Southern Indiana
The Buffalo Trace
What the Miami Call Themselves
Song of the Mississinewa
Mississinewa River Lament
Mississinewa Cottonwood Leaf
Lines Heard in Northern Indiana Cornfields
Fire and Ice
One Voice from Many
Pastoral Poetics
The Corn Cave
Hauling Hay
Milk Music
The Labor Day Boxes
The Horseradish Man
When the House Was New
Woods Hymn
His Only Hickory Sapling
The Martin Box
The Potato Barrows
Gathering Hickory Nuts
The Quilters
Saturday Night at the Calumet
Because I Could Not Stop
Song for Bob Dylan
Odysseus in Indiana
Return to a Mighty Fortress
Song for a Sister
The Dropped Pigskin
Dream of a Hanging Curve
Dorothy and the Jewish Coat
The Mandolin and the Tenor
Let Morning Light
Hugging the Spirit
Farewell Lullaby
At Least Now
The Reunion

IV. Looking for God's