Fanfares and Finesse

Fanfares and Finesse

A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature
Koehler, Elisa
Distribution: World
Publication date: 02/27/2014
Format: Hardback 67 b&w illus., 37 music exx., 10 tables
ISBN: 978-0-253-01179-4
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Unlike the violin, which has flourished largely unchanged for close to four centuries, the trumpet has endured numerous changes in design and social status from the battlefield to the bandstand and ultimately to the concert hall. This colorful past is reflected in the arsenal of instruments a classical trumpeter employs during a performance, sometimes using no fewer than five in different keys and configurations to accurately reproduce music from the past. With the rise in historically inspired performances comes the necessity for trumpeters to know more about their instrument's heritage, its repertoire, and different performance practices for old music on new and period-specific instruments. More than just a history of the trumpet, this essential reference book is a comprehensive guide for musicians who bring that musical history to life.

Author Bio

Elisa Koehler is Associate Professor of Music at Goucher College and Music Director and Conductor of the Frederick Symphony Orchestra.


Elisa Koehler’s book is a resource all trumpeters will not want to be without!

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Author’s Note
1. Fanfares and Finesse: An Introduction
2. The Natural Trumpet
3. The Modern Baroque Trumpet with Vent Holes
4. The Cornetto
5. The Slide Trumpet
6. The Quest for Chromaticism: Hand-Stopping, Keys, and Valves
7. Bugles, Flügels, and Horns
8. The Cornet
9. Changing of the Guard: Trumpets in Transition
10. Smaller Trumpets
11. Pitch, Temperament, and Transposition
12. Early Repertoire and Performance Practice
13. Baroque Repertoire
14. Classical Repertoire
15. Signals, Calls, and Fanfares
16. Strike up the Band
17. The Modern Orchestral Trumpet
18. Jazz and the Trumpet
19. Solo Repertoire after 1900
20. Brass Chamber Music
21. Trumpeting in the Twenty-First Century
Appendix A: List of Names and Dates
Appendix B: Significant Events in Trumpets History
Appendix C: Selected Recordings: An Annotated List
Appendix D: Museums with Instrument Collections
Appendix E: Period Instrument Resources

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