A Performer's Guide to Medieval Music
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A Performer's Guide to Medieval Music

Edited by Ross W. Duffin
Distribution: World
Publication date: 6/8/2009
Format: paper 640 pages
6.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 978-0-253-21533-8
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This is an excellent reference volume including essays on all aspects of medieval music performance. With forty essays written by experts in the field on everything from repertoire, voices and instruments to basic theory, all aspects of recreation are treated. This guide has already proven indispensable to performers and scholars of medieval music. Chapters on vocal and choral music; various types of ensembles; profiles of specific instruments; instrumentation; performance practice issues; theory; dance; regional profiles of Renaissance music, and guidelines for directors are all treated. It is a comprehensive and authoritative reference by leading performers in the field for a variety of enthusiasts.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Repertoire

I. Sacred

1. Chant

2. Organum

3. Motet & Cantilena

4. Polyphonic Mass Ordinary

II. Non-Liturgical Monophony

5. Introduction

6. Latin

7. Occitan

8. French

9. Iberian

10. Sephardic

11. Italian

12. German

13. English

III. Lyric Forms post 1300

14. French Ars Nova

15. Italian Ars Nova

16. Ars Subtilior

17. Early Du Fay

IV. Drama

18. Litugical

19. Vernacular

Part 2: Voices & Instruments

V. The Voice in the Middle Ages

20. Poetics as Technique

VI. Bowed Strings

21a. Vielle before 1300

21b. Vielle after 1300

22. Rebec

23. Symphonia

VII. Plucked Strings

24a. Harp

24b. Imagining the Early Medieval Harp

24c. Playing the Late Medieval Harp

25. Lute, Gittern, & Citole


26. Flutes

27. Reeds & Brass

28. Bagpipe

IX. Keyboard & Related Types

29. Organ

30. String Keyboards

31. Psaltery & Dulcimer

X. Percussion

32. Percussion

XI. Instrumental Usage

33. Untexted Repertoire

34. Improvisation & Accompaniment before 1300

35. Ornamentation & Improvisation after 1300

Part 3: Theory & Practice

XII. Essential Theory for Performers

36. The Gamut, Solmization & Modes

37. Musica ficta

38. Proportion

39. Notation & Editions

40. Tuning

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