The Symphonic Repertoire, Volume III‚ Part A

The Symphonic Repertoire, Volume III‚ Part A

The European Symphony from ca. 1800 to ca. 1930: Germany and the Nordic Countries
Brown, A. Peter
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/31/2007
Format: Hardback 147 b&w photos, 199 figures
ISBN: 978-0-253-34801-2
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The third volume to appear in the magnum opus of A. Peter Brown takes as its topic the European symphony ca. 1800–ca. 1930 and is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the symphonies of Germany and the Nordic countries and discusses in great detail the symphonies of Weber, Spohr, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Lindblad, Berwald, Svendsen, Gade, Nielsen, Sibelius, Berlioz, Liszt, Raff, and Strauss. Volume 3B will examine the symphonies of Great Britain, Russia, and France during the same period.

Brown’s series synthesizes an enormous amount of scholarly literature in a wide range of languages. It presents current overviews of the status of research, discusses important former or remaining problems of attribution, illuminates the style of specific works and their contexts, and samples early writings on their reception.

Author Bio

A. Peter Brown (1943–2003) joined the faculty of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in 1974 and was professor of musicology and department chair at the time of his death. The author of more than 80 published articles and reviews, Brown was especially known for his scholarship on Joseph Haydn.

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Table of Contents

List of Plates
List of Tables
Preface to the Series
Preface to Volume III
List of Abbreviations
Orchestral Instrumentation
Identification of the Works

Volume III Part A: Germany and the Nordic Countries

Section One—The German Classic/Romantic Symphony from ca. 1800 to 1857
Chapter One—After Beethoven: Leipzig as the Epicenter of the Symphony
Chapter Two—The Symphonies of Carl Maria von Weber and Richard Wagner: Two Symphonic
Chapter Three—The Symphonies of Louis Spohr
Chapter Four—The Symphonies of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Chapter Five—The Symphonies of Robert Schumann
Section Two—The Symphony in Northern Europe
Chapter Six—The Symphony in Nineteenth-Century Sweden
Chapter Seven—The Symphony in Norway
Chapter Eight—The Symphony in Denmark from ca. 1830 to ca. 1925
Chapter Nine—The Symphony in Finland from ca. 1850 to 1936
Section Three—The Avant-Garde/New School Symphonists
Chapter Ten—Hector Berlioz
Chapter Eleven—Franz Liszt
Chapter Twelve—Joachim Raff
Chapter Thirteen—Richard Strauss
Bibliography of Works Cited
Index of Works

Volume III Part B: Great Britain, Russia, France
Section Four—The British Symphony
Chapter Fourteen—The Symphony in Great Britain: From Potter to Elgar
The Symphonic Milieu from ca. 1800 to ca. 1850
The Symphonic Milieu from ca. 1850 to 1912
Section Five—The Russian Symphony
Chapter Fifteen—The Symphony in Russia: From Glinka to Rachmaninoff
Section Six—The French Symphony
Chapter Sixteen—The French Symphony after Berlioz: From the Second Empire to the First World War
Introduction: The Symphony in Mid-Century
Between Saint-Saëns's Second and Third: The "Revival" of Instrumental Music after 1870French Symphonies after 1885: Classical and Romantic Camps
Between the Mountain Air and d'Indy's Second: The Symphony at the Turn of the Century

Bibliography of