The Piano Master Classes of Franz Liszt, 1884–1886

The Piano Master Classes of Franz Liszt, 1884–1886

Diary Notes of August Göllerich
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Publication date: 06/11/2010
Format: Paperback 1 b&w illus., 152 music exx.
ISBN: 978-0-253-22273-2
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The diaries of August Göllerich, secretary and student of Franz Liszt, provide a first-hand account of the Master’s approach to piano teaching, his preferences and prejudices both musical and social, and his way of encouraging and befriending his students. They contain the mature Liszt’s suggestions for interpreting his own works and those of his friend Chopin and of many other composers, offering invaluable advice from the most spectacular pianist of the 19th century. Pianists interested in the history of performance practice and the Romantic era will learn from and take delight in this volume.

Author Bio

Richard Louis Zimdars is Despy Karlas Professor of Piano at the Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia. He is translator and editor of The Piano Master Classes of Hans von Bülow: Two Participants' Accounts (IUP, 1993).


This book places us at the center of the celebrated master classes of Liszt. To read what Liszt said to his students and to observe the manner in which he conducted his master classes is in itself a great lesson for all pianists and teachers.

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Table of Contents

Translator’s Introduction

The Piano Master Classes of Franz Liszt, 1884-1886

Chronology of August Gollerich’s Life
Introduction to the Diaries

The Diaries of August Gollerich

1. Weimar: May 31, 1884-July 6, 1884
2. Weimar: June 16, 1885-June 27, 1885
3. Weimar: June 28, 1885-September 29, 1885
4. Rome: November 11, 1885-January 12, 1886
5. Pest: February 18, 1886-February 25, 1886
6. Pest: Before March 2, 1886-March 6, 1886
7. Weimar: May 17, 1886-May 31, 1886
8. Weimar: June 15, 1886-June 26, 1886

Appendix A: "Liszt," from The Memoirs of Frederic Lamond
Appendix B: "Liszt as Teacher," by Jose Vianna da Motta


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