Guide to the Aria Repertoire

Guide to the Aria Repertoire

Clark, Mark Ross
Distribution: World
Publication date: 02/06/2007
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21810-0
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A long-awaited resource for the young operatic singer, this annotated guide brings together many sources to start the journey toward powerful, informed performance. An extensive discussion of fach and audition repertoire is followed by more than 400 arias organized by voice type, including canonical, contemporary, and obscure works from different languages. Each entry includes level of difficulty, voice/character type, special techniques, tessitura, and accompaniment. Full of detailed and insightful commentary from internationally renowned singers, directors, coaches, and other professionals—Regina Resnik, Sherrill Milnes, Carol Vaness, and Warren Jones, to name a few—this volume will be invaluable to the performer, student, and teacher of operatic repertoire throughout their developing careers.

Author Bio

Mark Ross Clark is Director of Opera and Musical Theatre at the University of Louisiana-Monroe and directs the Louisiana Lyric Opera. He is author of Singing, Acting, and Movement in Opera (IUP, 2002).


Clark, director of opera and musical theater at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and author of 'Singing, Acting, and Movement in Opera' (CH, Mar'03, 40—3914), has compiled a guide to opera repertory for solo voice. The arias are grouped by voice type (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass), with further subdivisions by character (spinto, dramatic, etc.). Each entry gives the title of the aria and its location within the work, along with the vocal range and duration. Clark discusses each briefly, touching on the dramatic setting and context, with interpretative suggestions for the performer. The location of the aria in a common piano—vocal score is given, e.g., p. 135 (Schirmer), but this telegraphic reference to just one score is unsatisfactory, since not all singers will have the same score, and even the referenced score is not fully identified. Separate indexes for locating arias by title, opera, language, and historical period aid readers in locating works that fit certain repertory requirements. This work can be compared to Berton Coffin's 'Singer's Repertoire' (2nd ed., 1962), which covers the art song in much the same manner. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower—level undergraduates through graduate students; professionals/practitioners. —CHOICE December 2007

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Table of Contents



Part I. Soprano Arias
1. Lyric Coloratura Nos. 1<N>14
2. Soubrette Nos. 15<N>25
3. Lyric Nos. 26<N>58
4. Dramatic Coloratura Nos. 59<N>73
5. Full Lyric Nos. 74<N>87
6. Spinto Nos. 88<N>95
7. Dramatic Nos. 96<N>106

Part II. Mezzo-Soprano Arias
8. Lyric Coloratura Nos. 1<N>18
9. Lyric Nos. 19<N>54
10. Dramatic Nos. 55<N>87
11. Contralto Nos. 88<N>99

Part III. Tenor Arias
12. Leggiero Nos. 1<N>20
13. Lyric Nos. 21<N>81
14. Spinto Nos. 82<N>100
15. Dramatic Nos. 101<N>102

Part IV. Baritone and Bass Arias
16. Lyric Baritone Nos. 1<N>39
17. Dramatic Baritone Nos. 40<N>64
18. Bass-Baritone Nos. 65<N>83
19. Bass Nos. 84<N>99

Index A. Arias Listed Alphabetically
Index B. Arias by Opera
Index C. Arias by Language
Index D. Arias by Historical Period