From Protest to Challenge

From Protest to Challenge - Volume 6

A Documentary History of African Politics in South Africa, 1882–1990, Challenge and Victory, 1980–1990
Gail M. Gerhart and Clive L. Glaser
Distribution: World
Publication date: 3/29/2010
Format: cloth 816 pages, 23 b&w illus., 6 maps
6.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 978-0-253-35422-8
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From Protest to Challenge is a multi-volume chronicle of the struggle to achieve democracy and end racial discrimination in South Africa. Beginning in 1882 during the heyday of European imperialism, these volumes document the history of race conflict, protest, and political mobilization by South Africa’s black majority. Volume 6 takes up the story in 1980 and examines the crucial decade that preceded the collapse of the apartheid system. As with earlier volumes in the series, it combines narrative with a wealth of primary source materials that record the words of the men and women who shaped South Africa’s complex history.

Author Bio

Gail M. Gerhart is Adjunct Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. She is author of Black Power in South Africa: The Evolution of an Ideology and author (with Thomas G. Karis) of volumes 3–5 of From Protest to Challenge.

Clive L. Glaser teaches in the History Department at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is author of
Bo-Tsotsi: The Youth Gangs of Soweto, 1935–1976 and editor of the journal African Studies.


"An invaluable and matchless source of evidence for scholars analyzing South Africa's sociopolitical history." —Choice , reviewing a previous edition or volume

"The overthrow of apartheid in South Africa permits an interpretive change in the thrust of African resistance politics by the editors and authors of this invaluable documentary history." —
Foreign Affairs , reviewing a previous edition or volume

"An enduring resource for historians of South Africa, scholars interested in revolutionary thought and practice, and students concerned with the interplay between violent and nonviolent strategies for social change." —
Africa Today , reviewing a previous edition or volume

"A book that helps us forge a common national story." —
Sunday Independent (Johannesburg) , reviewing a previous edition or volume

"An invaluable reference work, hard to equal." —
African Studies Review , reviewing a previous edition or volume

"This sixth and last volume in this series covers the most significant decade of South Africa's complex and difficult transition from apartheid to Nelson Mandela's emergence as the country's first African president. . . . The essays are informative and capture the essence of the era. . . . Recommended." —

"On balance, Gail Gerhart and Clive Glaser have provided a most welcome addition to the literature on modern South African political history. Even in a crowded market, this is an obligatory purchase for anybody seriously interested in the subject." —International Journal of African Historical Studies , Vol. 43, No. 3, 2010

"[This] is a valuable source for those interested in South Africa and how Africans helped important changes to occur." —
American Reference Books Annual , 2011

From Protest to Challenge] gets us out of the false dichotomy of heroes/villains and forces us to confront South Africa's history in its complex specificity. Given the contested present, it would be a shame were this its last volume." —

"Challenge and Victory [From Protest to Challenge, vol. 6] is a timely book offering a distinctive mix of insightful analysis and supporting primary documents, ensuring that it is a crucial read for anyone interested in the intriguing events of apartheid's demise." —Political Studies Review

"From Protest to Challenge . . . gets us out of the false dichotomy of heroes/villains and forces us to confront South Africa’s history in its complex specificity. Given the contested present, it would be a shame were this its last volume." —African Studies Quarterly

"[This] book brings to a fitting close a scholarly project that spanned over four decades. Its rigorous commentary and careful selection of documents will continue to be useful sources for generations of historians and researchers to come." —African Historical Review

"Everyone who works in South African studies, in particular historians and scholars in politics, await with some eagerness the publication of new parts of the Protest to Challenge project initiated by Thomas G. Karis and Gwendolen M. Carter over 50 years ago. Continued by Karis together with Gail Gerhart, after Carter's death it has come to be regarded as an artisan would treat his/her tools of the trade. . . The volume under review, produced by Gerhart with Glaser, maintains the exacting standards of previous ones . . . ." —South African Historical Journal

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Table of Contents

Part 1. Challenge and Victory, 1980—1990
1. Reform and Repression in the Era of P. W. Botha
2. Internal Opposition: The Battle Joined
4. Exile and Underground Politics, 1980—1988
5. Breaking the Deadlock, 1988—1990
Part 2. Documents
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