The Modern Construction of Myth

The Modern Construction of Myth

Andrew Von Hendy
Distribution: World
Publication date: 01/30/2002
Format: Hardback 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-33996-6
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... one of the richest, clearest, and acutest surveys to date of the course of theorizing about myth from the eighteenth century on. I know of no more useful volume on the topic. Despite the postmodern connotations of the title, Von Hendy is writing not to expose the concept of myth but simply to show the array of ways in which it has been used from time to time and from place to place. A superb work." —Robert A. Segal,
University of Lancaster,
author of Theorizing about Myth

Andrew Von Hendy offers an integrated critical account of the career of myth in modernity. He takes as its starting point some crucial moments in the 18th-century reinvention of the concept and then follows the major branches of theorizing as they appear in the work of theologians, philosophers, literary artists, political thinkers, folklorists, anthropologists, psychologists, and others.

Von Hendy pursues each of these four fundamental strains of theory through the 20th century: the rise of neo-romantic theories in depth psychology, modernist literature, and later in religious phenomenology, philosophy, and literary criticism; the establishment of folkloristic theory in ethnological fieldwork and in classical studies; the growth of ideological theories from Sorel to Barthes and Derrida; and the recent ascent of constitutive theories of myth as necessary fiction. Finally, Von Hendy examines the work of five theorists who attempt to come to terms with the lessons of the ideological critique, yet regard myth as a constructive phenomenon.

Author Bio

Andrew Von Hendy is Associate Professor of English at Boston College and author of articles on late medieval, early modern and nineteenth-century English poetry, drama, and fiction; on Northrop Frye's mythography; and on conceptions of myth among modernist poets and novelists of the early twentieth century

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Table of Contents

Preliminary Table of Contents:


One. From Fable to Myth
Two. The Invention of Myth
Three. The Contest Between Myth and "Suspicion"
Four. Myth As an Aspect of "Primitive" Religion
Five. The Role of Depth-Psychology in the Construction of Myth
Six. The Modernist Contribution to the Construction of Myth
Seven. Neo-Romantic Theories of the Mid-Century I: Myth As Mode of Thought and Language
Eight. Neo-Romantic Theories of the Mid-Century II: Myth and Ritual in Quotidian Western Life
Nine. Folkloristic Myth in Social Anthropology I: Malinowski, Boas, and Their Sphere of Influence
Ten. Folkloristic Myth in Social Anthropology II: From Levi-Strauss to Withdrawal from Grand Theory
Eleven. No Two-Headed Greeks: The Folkloristic Consensus in Classical Studies
Twelve. Myth and Ideology
Thirteen. Myth As Necessary Fiction

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