Mammals of Indiana

Mammals of Indiana

A Field Guide
Whitaker, Jr.John O.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 07/30/2010
Format: Paperback 254 color illus., 61 maps
ISBN: 978-0-253-22213-8
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This pocket-sized field guide to native Indiana mammals offers color photos, skull close-ups, and range maps, along with descriptions and clues to finding and identifying all mammals indigenous to the area—and even a few that are not, but can now be found in the state. In addition to detailing Indiana's wild, mostly small, secretive, and nocturnal mammals, John O. Whitaker, Jr., describes the region's habitats, climate, and vegetation. Mammals of Indiana: A Field Guide precisely identifies the creatures you are likely to encounter while hiking a trail, camping in a state park, or picnicking in your own backyard. Whether you are a biologist, veterinarian, wildlife manager, or simply a nature enthusiast, this guide is certain to be a welcome companion during your next outdoor adventure.

Author Bio

John O. Whitaker, Jr., is Professor of Biology at Indiana State University and author (with Russell E. Mumford) of Mammals of Indiana (2nd edition, IUP, 2009); Keys to the Vertebrates of the Eastern United States; and The Audubon Guide to Mammals of North America.


John Whitaker is certainly the person to write this book! His long career dedicated to study of the mammals in Indiana and his experience in writing books such as this put him in excellent position to author this book.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Preface and Acknowledgments
Indiana's State Mammal—a Proposal
In Memory of the Recently Extirpated Native Species

Species of Questionable Recent Occurrence
Species List of Indiana Mammals
Introduction: Purpose and Plan of the Book

Indiana: An Overview
The Indiana Landscape
Indiana's Major Habitats
Ecological Relationships of Mammals
Naming and Identifying Mammals
How Mammals Are Named
How Mammals Are Identified
Use of Keys
Identification Keys
Species Accounts Listed by Family
Order SORICOMORPHA—Shrews and Moles
Order CINGULATA—Armadillos
Order LAGOMORPHA—Hares, Rabbits, and Allies
Order RODENTIA—Rodents or Gnawing Mammals
Order CARNIVORA—Flesh Eaters

English-Metric Measurements Conversion
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