Reid Duffy's Guide to Indiana's Favorite Restaurants, Updated Edition

Reid Duffy's Guide to Indiana's Favorite Restaurants, Updated Edition

With a Recipe Sampler
Reid Duffy
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/01/2006
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21879-7
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Noted TV personality and columnist Reid Duffy showcases 30 Indiana restaurants that have stood the test of time in this updated and expanded edition of Indiana’s Favorite Restaurants. These showcased restaurants have been in existence for 25 years or more, and in some cases for several generations. Recipes for favorite dishes from these restaurants are included so that you can recreate the foods you love at home. Approximately 60 recipes—from Acapulco Joe’s Taco Filling to Nashville House Fried Biscuits—accompany Duffy’s reviews.

Comfort food" abounds in Indiana—162 restaurants are included in this category, and 23 well-known steak houses are highlighted in "Where’s the Beef?" No fewer than 137 ethnic restaurants around the state are profiled here. Duffy looks to the future as well: he reviews 80 new restaurants that are "destined to stand the test of time." All of the restaurants popularized by Indiana Cooks! (IUP, 2005) have been included in this mouthwatering guidebook.

Double the size of the original guide, Reid Duffy’s Guide to Indiana’s Favorite Restaurants serves up 432 thorough and extensive reviews. Each establishment has been visited in person and the food taste-tested. The result is the best guide to great dining for Indiana residents as well as visitors to the Hoosier state.

Author Bio

Reid Duffy has worked since 1971 as a television news reporter, teacher, humor writer, and restaurant and film reviewer for WRTV and WNDY in Indianapolis. He was host of "Duffy’s Diner," a television review of various eating establishments in Indiana. He is author of Indianapolis Dining (1981) and co-author (with Mike Ahern) of a novel, Festerwood at Five: A "Novel" Approach to TV News. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Table of Contents


Part 1. Indiana Classics That Have Stood the Test of Time

Part 2. Comfort Foods
1. American
2. Barbecues
3. Breakfast and Lunch
4. Hamburgers
5. Chili
6. Diners
7. Drive-ins
8. Pizzerias
9. Pubs
10. Sandwiches and Deli
11. Tearooms

Part 3. Where's the Beef?

Part 4. Ethnic Restaurants
1. African
2. Cajun/Caribbean
3. Chinese
4. German
5. Greek
6. Indian
7. Italian
8. Japanese
9. Korean
10. Mexican
11. Middle Eastern
12. Russian
13. Thai
14. Vietnamese

Part 5. Destined to Stand the Test of Time
1. American
2. Bistro
3. Fine Dining
4. Seafood