Approaching Theatre

Approaching Theatre

André Helbo, J. Dines Johansen, Patrice Pavis and Anne Ubersfeld
With Marvin Carlson, Marco De Marinis, Svend Erik Larsen, Ane Grathe Østergaard, Franco Ruffini, Lars Seeberg
Distribution: World
Publication date: 5/1/1991
ISBN: 978-0-253-11372-6
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Theatre should be the most approachable of the arts, but it is a complex phenomenon that has proven difficult to study. This international group of scholars analyzes the theatrical event and all of the elements that make up a performance—the text, the actor, the space, the spectator, the social circumstances. They approach theatre from a variety of directions using different methodologies: semiotic, historical, sociological, and anthropological.

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Table of Contents


I. Performance studies
1. The field
2. Means of investigation
3. Terminology
4. Methods
5. Performance models
6. Production and reception of performance
7. Pleasure and knowledge
8. Media theory

II. Theatre and the media: Specificity and interference
1. Theatre within a theory of media
2. Dramaturgy and specificity of the media
3. Interferences between media

III. Four approaches
1. Historical survey of theatrical forms
2. Sociology
3. Theatre anthropology
4. Semiotics

IV. Pedagogies of theatre
1. Analysis of the text
2. Analysis of the performance

V. How to note performance? Reading questionaires
1. Questionnaire 1
2. Questionnaire 2
3. Questionnaire 3
4. Questions about questionnaires for theatre analysis

VI. From analysis to production: Dramaturgy
1. Peter Brook’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
2. Royal Shakespeare Company’s Nichlas Nickeby
3. Pina Bausch’s Tanzabend 2
4. Conclusion

VII. Three applications
1. Minetti, directed by Philippe Sireuil
2. The Seagull, directed by Antoine Vitez
3. As You Like It. A dramaturgic analysis

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