Muslim Families in Global Senegal

Muslim Families in Global Senegal

Money Takes Care of Shame
Beth A. Buggenhagen
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 02/06/2012
Format: Paperback 21 b&w illus., 2 maps
ISBN: 978-0-253-22367-8
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Senegalese Murid migrants have circulated cargo and currency through official and unofficial networks in Africa and the world. Muslim Families in Global Senegal focuses on trade and the transmission of enduring social value though cloth, videos of life-cycle rituals, and religious offerings. Highlighting women's participation in these networks and the financial strategies they rely on, Beth Buggenhagen reveals the deep connections between economic profits and ritual and social authority. Buggenhagen discovers that these strategies are not responses to a dispersed community in crisis, but rather produce new roles, wealth, and worth for Senegalese women in all parts of the globe.

Author Bio

Beth Buggenhagen is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington. She is editor (with Anne-Maria Makhulu and Stephen Jackson) of Hard Work, Hard Times: Global Volatility and African Subjectivities.


“This compelling study of Senegalese Murid migrants focuses on trade and the transmission of enduring social value through cloth, videos of life-cycle rituals, and religious offerings, revealing the deep connections between economic profits and ritual and social authority. ”

“A lively, insightful, and important study of exchange practices between Senegal and a circuit of global trade. The innovative focus is on the meanings, not the social and economic functions, of exchange.”
 — Karen Tranberg Hansen, Northwestern University

“A first-rate ethnography of Muslim women in Dakar. . . . provides not only a wealth of detail but extremely fine-grained analysis of women's exchange networks, both in the domains of commerce but especially in ritual contexts.”
 — Robert Launay, Northwestern University

“Since the early 1990s, Beth Buggenhagan has been working with an extended Wolof Muslim family in urban Senegal, following the trajectories, travels and tribulations of various members. . . What makes the book a unique and innovative contribution . . . is the way it addresses the broad theme of continuity and change. . .May 2014”
 — Africa

“Muslim Families in Global Senegal is certainly a must-read for scholars wishing to understand the daily and ritual exchanges through which West African Muslims cope with times of hardship and uncertainty. . . . [I]n addition to greatly facilitating the work of comparison for experts of other groups or areas in the region, the narrative fluidity and painstaking effort to contextualise and illuminate the minutiae of social life make this a suitable aid in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.”
 — Journal of Religion in Africa

“Muslim Families in Global Senegal is an engaging account of the struggles, at once moral and material, which Senegalese families face to ensure social reproduction in the current context of fiscal instability and religious reforms. It contributes a nuanced understanding of gendered economies in a Muslim society and is highly suitable for classroom adoption due to its relatively short length and the clarity of its presentation. Beth Buggenhagen brings to this ethnography a sustained history of research in Senegal as well as a keen understanding of the Murid diaspora and its role in the Senegalese economy.”
 — Journal of African History

“This book offers a powerful entry point into a world of meaning and practice that lies far beyond standard reports from the developing world that focuses on poverty, education, or the status of women. ”

“While the author's focus is on the transformation in the role of women both within the family network and in the marketplace, the book allows readers to better understand the impact of globalism on the citizens of Senegal. . . . Recommended. ”
 — Choice

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Table of Contents

Names and Relationships

Prologue: Welcome to Khar Yalla
1. Global Senegal
2. Homes and Their Histories
3. The Promise of Paradise
4. A Tale of Two Sisters
5. A Lamb Slaughtered
6. Home Economics
7. Only Trouble


Glossary of Arabic and Wolof Terms

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