The Crippled Giant

The Crippled Giant

Nigeria since Independence
Eghosa E. Osaghae
Distribution: Japan, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico and United States of America
Publication date: 10/22/1998
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21197-2
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Crippled Giant is an excellent summary of Nigerian political history.... The work is notable for even-handed analysis of both history and theory. The result is an introduction of the highest quality to the study of Nigerian politics." —African Studies Review

Osaghae, an academic with a refreshingly neutral and understated approach to the maddening follies of his government, has produced a highly readable overview of Nigeria's politics, economy, and foreign relations. Rich in detail, his account is also a useful tour of earlier thematic treatments of the subject." —Foreign Affairs

... well-written, coherent narrative and thoughtful, balanced analysis of Nigeria’s political history from 1960 to 1996."—A. H. M. Kirk-Greene, St. Antony’s College, Oxford

Eghosa Osaghae’s study leads him to the conclusion that Nigeria’s problems are not of recent making but can be traced to structural impediments from colonial times.

Author Bio

Eghosa E. Osaghae taught politics at Ibadan University in Nigeria and is currently Professor and Head of Political Studies at the University of Transkei, South Africa. He is the author of Adjustment and Ethnicity in Nigeria and editor of Democratic Transition in Africa and Between State and Civil Society in Africa.

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Table of Contents

1. Historical and Analytical Overview
2. The First Republic, 1960-1966
3. The First Phase of Military Rule, 1966-1979
4. The Second Republic, 1979-1983
5. The Return of the Military: The Buhari Regime, 1983-1985
6. The Babangida Years and After, 1985-1993
7. The Abacha Regime, 1993-1966
8. Conclusion