African Guerrillas

African Guerrillas

Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/22/1998
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21243-6
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An excellent contriubtion to the comparative analysis... " —Foreign Affairs

This work is an important study... The individual chapters are based on extensive reearch and field work, often in difficult and dangerous conditions. They provide facts and insights not to be found elsewhere, and the work will long remain an indispensable text." —International Journal of African Historical Studies

... an outstanding study on the major insurgencies that have gripped the belt of Sub-Saharan Africa." —Defense Affairs

Insurgencies or guerrilla movements have come to occupy a prominent place in the politics of modern Africa. This book analyzes the relationship between African insurgencies and the local societies in which they are set, the organizational principles upon which the insurgencies are based, and the relationship between the insurgencies and the wider world, both regionally and globally.

Author Bio

Christopher Clapham is Professor of Politics and International Relations at Lancaster University.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Analysing African Insurgencies by Christopher Clapham
The Eritrean People’s Liberation Front by David Pool
The Tigray People’s Liberation Front by John Young
The Sudan People’s Liberation Army and the Problem of Factionalism by Douglas H. Johnson
Somali Armed Movements: The Interplay of Political Entrepreneurship and Clan-Based Factions by Daniel Compagnon
Uganda: The National Resistance Army by Pascal Ngoga
War in Northern Uganda: The Holy Spirit Movements of Alice Lakwena, Severino Lukoya, and Joseph Kony (1986-1997) by Heike Behrend
The Rwandese Patriotic Front by Gerard Prunier
Guerrillas in the Midst: The Former Government of Congo-Zaire by William Cyrus Reed
Liberia’s Warlord Insurgency by Stephen Ellis
The Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone by Ibrahim Abdullah, Patrick Muana, and Paul Richards