Readings in the International Relations of Africa

Readings in the International Relations of Africa

Tom Young
Distribution: World
Publication date: 01/11/2016
Format: Hardback 5 maps, 1 table
ISBN: 978-0-253-01880-9
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These readings in international relations in Africa grapple with the continent’s changing place in the world. The essays confront issues such as the increasing tempo of armed conflict, the tendency of Western states and agencies to intervene in African settings, the presence of China, and the health of African states and their ability to participate in the global economy. Questions regarding sovereignty, leading regional actors, conflict and resolution, and the neoliberal African renaissance add to the broad thematic coverage presented in this timely volume.

Author Bio

Tom Young teaches politics and international relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments and Note on Original Sources
Introduction Tom Young
Part I. Sovereignty and Statehood
1. Independence by Right Robert H. Jackson
2. Regimes of Sovereignty: International Morality and the African Condition Siba N. Grovogui
3. The Rise of the State System in Africa Carolyn M. Warner
Part II. Africa and the International Order
4. Policy Autonomy and the History of British Aid to Africa
Postscript, March 2014 Tony Killick
5. ‘Development is Very Political in Tanzania’: Oxfam and the Chunya Integrated Development Programme 1972–76 Michael Jennings
6. Evolution of the United Nations Anti-Apartheid Regime Newell M. Stultz
7. What Next? Selective Genocide in Burundi Rene Lemarchand
Part III. New States and the Continental Order
8. The Scramble for Africa: Inherited Political Boundaries Ieuan Griffiths
9. The OAU Interventions in Chad: Mission Impossible or Mission Evaded? Roy May and Simon Massey
Part IV. Africa and the Great Powers
10. French African Policy in Historical Perspective Tony Chafer
11. Propaganda and Politics John Stockwell
12. "Flee! The White Giants are Coming!" The United States, the Mercenaries and the Congo 1964–65 Piero Gleijeses
13. The Prospects of Socialism: Ethiopia and the Horn Odd Arne Westad
Part V. Conflict, War and Intervention
14. Rebel Movements and Proxy Warfare: Uganda, Sudan and the Congo (1986–99) Gérard Prunier
15. The United Nations in Africa: The Rise of Peacekeeping and the Case of Somalia Richard K. Al-Qaq
16. The Liberal Peace Is Neither: Peacebuilding, State Building and the Reproduction of Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo Stein Sundstøl Eriksen
Part VI. Globalization and a New World Order?
17. ‘A Project to be Realized:’ Global Liberalism and Contemporary Africa Tom Young
18. Values, Context and Hybridity: How Ca