Aharon Appelfeld

Aharon Appelfeld

The Holocaust and Beyond
Gila Ramras-Rauch
Distribution: World
Publication date: 3/1/1994
ISBN: 978-0-253-11376-4
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“All those who admire Aharon Appelfeld’s work will find Gila Ramras-Rauch’s analysis both exciting and rewarding.” —Elie Wiesel

“ . . . a superb study . . . ” —The Forward

“An indispensable spiritual roadmap to Israeli writer Appelfeld’s fictional universe, this sophisticated study offers sensitive analyses of his novels and short-story collections.” —Publishers Weekly

“In this impressive critical study of Appelfeld’s narrative art, G. Ramras-Rauch has provided a comprehensive, intelligent reading of the complete oeuvre.” —Choice

Contemporary Hebrew novelist Aharon Appelfeld weaves sensitive and disturbing tales about individuals in the pre- and post-Holocaust worlds. Ramras-Rauch’s account of his life and his entire body of fiction provides a perceptive guide to Appelfeld’s oeuvre.

Author Bio

GILA RAMRAS-RAUCH is Lewis H. Weinstein Professor of Jewish Literature at Hebrew College, Brookline. She is author of The Arab in Israeli Literature and The Protagonist in Transition, and editor (with J. Michman-Melkman) of Facing the Holocaust.

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Table of Contents


I. Appelfeld, His Time and Art
1. Biography
2. Aesthetics and Narrative

II. Early Short Fiction
3. Smoke
4. In the Fertile Valley
5. Frost on the Earth
6. On the Ground Floor
7. The Foundations of the River

III. Novels: The Israeli Experience
8. Tzili: The Story of a Life
9. The Skin and the Gown
10. The Searing Light
11. The Immortal Bartfuss

IV. Novels: Deportation and Beyond
12. The Pupil of the Eye
13. Badenheim 1939
14. The Age of Wonders
15. The Healer
16. The Retreat
17. To the Land of the Cattails
18. Tongue of Fire
19. For Every Sin
20. Katerina
21. The Railway