The Homeless Imagination in the Fiction of Israel Joshua Singer

The Homeless Imagination in the Fiction of Israel Joshua Singer

Anita Norich
Distribution: World
Publication date: 1/1/1992
ISBN: 978-0-253-11326-9
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“ . . . the most incisive study to date of the lesser-known but equally talented Singer: Israel Joshua . . . ” —Choice

“ . . . exceedingly well researched and written . . . ” —Shofar

“This critical examination of the fiction of I.J. Singer is deft in its placement of the novels and short stories in historical context, but with new perspectives on that historical context.” —AJL Newsletter

Although Israel Joshua Singer has existed, for English readers, in the shadow of his famous brother, Isaac Bashevis Singer, this book reasserts his rightful place at the center of Yiddish culture in Eastern Europe and America. A comprehensive bibliography of Singer's fiction, essays, and journalism is included.

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Table of Contents


One Introduction to a World That Is No More
Two The Wandering Jew: In/Fertile Ground
Three The Past As Present
Four Fictions of the Self
Five Creativity and the Artist
Six The Autobiographical Imagination


I. Works by I.J. Singer
II. Contributions to the Forverts by G. Kuper
III. Critical Bibliography


Illustrations to follow page 12