My Struggle for Peace, 3 Vol. Set

My Struggle for Peace, 3 Vol. Set

The Diary of Moshe Sharett, 1953–1956
Edited by Neil Caplan and Yaakov Sharett
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 03/19/2019
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-04325-2
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My Struggle for Peace is a remarkable political document offering insights into the complex workings of the young Israeli political system, set against the backdrop of the disintegration of the country's fragile armistice with the Arab states. Replete with the diarist's candid comments on Israel's first generation leaders and world statesmen of the day, the diary also tells the dramatic human story of a political career cut short—the removal of an unusually sensitive, dedicated, and talented public servant. My Struggle for Peace is, above all, an intimate record of the decline of Moshe Sharett's moderate approach and the rise of more "activist-militant" trends in Israeli society, culminating in the Suez/Sinai war of 1956. The diary challenges the popular narrative that Israel's confrontation with its neighbors was unavoidable by offering daily evidence of Sharett's statesmanship, moderation, diplomacy, and concern for Israel's place in international affairs. This long-awaited 3-volume English abridgement of Sharett's Yoman Ishi [Personal diary] (Ma'ariv, 1978) maintains the integrity, flavor, and impact of the 8-volume Hebrew original and includes additional documentary material that was not accessible at the time. The volumes are also available to purchase individually.

Author Bio

Moshe Sharett (1894-1965) was Israel's first Foreign Minister (1948-1956) and its second Prime Minister (1954-1955). Neil Caplan is author of The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Contested Histories and of Futile Diplomacy, a 4-volume documentary history of Arab-Israeli negotiations. He is author (with Laura Zittrain Eisenberg) of Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems, Possibilities. Yaakov Sharett is a retired diplomat, journalist, editor, and translator in Tel Aviv. He is Director of the Moshe Sharett Heritage Society and chief editor of a dozen volumes of his father's letters, papers and speeches, including the original diary published in 1978.



A fortunate meeting between Caplan and the younger Sharrett created a winning combination of access, translating prowess and scholarly and editorial skill to bring the diary into focus for English readers. To do this, they have supplemented the original diary with notes that cite private letters, minutes from cabinet meetings and public speeches, which further fill in the historical picture that Sharett meant to record.

The result is a gripping lesson in historical events, key figures and background context that offers a renewed sense of early Israeli political life.


 (Norm Ravvin)

"[The editors] did not merely edit and translate the text; they vastly improved on the Hebrew version by adding Sharett's speeches, reports, cabinet minutes, and other sources to the text . . . These additions makes this work so important and welcome by all who aspire to understand the foreign and defense policies of Israel in its first decade."

 (Indiana University Press)

"[T]he most important thing Sharett contributed to the state is the personal diary he wrote during his tenure as prime minister. It is difficult to overstate the importance of those eight volumes to the study of the 1950s and to the understanding of Israeli history as a whole."

 (Tom Segev, Haaretz)

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