Jewish Life in Germany

Jewish Life in Germany

Memoirs from Three Centuries
Edited by Monika Richarz
Translated by Stella P. Rosenfeld and Sidney Rosenfeld
Distribution: World
Publication date: 8/1/1991
Format: cloth 496 pages, 16 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-35024-4
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A Selection of the Jewish Book Club
“It is the best group portrait of German Jewry that we have.” —Washington Post Book World

" . . . weaves a fascinating social tapestry of German Jewry from 1780 to 1945. . . . Richarz's introduction furnishes a probing analytic overview of German Jewish social history." —Library Journal

“Richarz’s Jewish Life in Germany represents a major contribution to filling the void between broad generalization and actual human experience.” —Contemporary Jewry

" . . . a most remarkable collection of documents . . . extremely well selected, very full . . . immensely useful to anyone wanting to study modern Jewish history, modern German history, or for that matter modern history as such." —Peter Gay

The social history of German Jewry from 1780 through 1945 comes to life in this unique collection of autobiographical documents by ordinary individuals from all social strata, from city and country, and from various professions and political and religious groups.

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Table of Contents

Translators’ Note
Editor’s Preface


I. The Age of Emancipation, 1780-1871

1. Itzig Behrend
8. Philipp Tuchmann
2. Ascher Lehmann
9. Martin Lovinson
3. Isaac Thannhauser
10. Faibel Siegel
4. Hirsch Oppenheimer
11. Itzig Hamburger
5. Eduard Silbermann
12. Moritz Gudemann
6. Leopold Freund
13. Moses Seligmann
7. Ahron ben Moscheh
14. Hermann Makower
15. Clara Geissmar

II. Imperial Germany, 1871-1918

16. Conrad Rosenstein
24. Isidor Hirschfeld
17. Henriette Hirsch
25. Philipp Lowenfeld
18. Joseph Lange
26. Philippine Landau
19. Kurt Katsch
27. Paul Muhsam
20. Samuel Spiro
28. Sammy Gronemann
21. Johanna Harris
29. Charlotte Popper
22. Max Daniel
30. Arnold Tanzer
23. Edmond Uhry
31. Bernhard Kahn

III. Weimar Republic and National Socialism, 1918-1945

32. Henry Buxbaum
37. Ottilie Schonewald
33. Edwin Landau
38. Alexander Szanto
34. Wolfgang Roth
39. Marta Appel
35. Carl Schwabe
40. Ernst Loewenberg
36. Emil Schorsch
41. Gerhard Bry

42. Kurt Baumann
47. Miriam Gerber
43. Hans Berger
48. Kate Mugdan
44. Alfred Schwerin
49. Camilla Neumann
45. Michael Meyer
50. Hermann Pineas
46. Elisabeth Freund
51. Bruno Blau

Index of Names

Illustrations follow p. 290