India in Africa, Africa in India

India in Africa, Africa in India

Indian Ocean Cosmopolitanisms
Edited by John C. Hawley
Distribution: World
Publication date: 06/25/2008
Format: Paperback 21 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-21975-6
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India in Africa, Africa in India traces the longstanding interaction between these two regions, showing that the Indian Ocean world provides many examples of cultural flows that belie our understanding of globalization as a recent phenomenon. This region has had, and continues to have, an internal integrity that touches the lives of its citizens in their commerce, their cultural exchanges, and their concepts of each other and of themselves in the world. These connections have deep historical roots, and their dynamics are not attributable solely to the effects of European colonialism, modernity, or contemporary globalization—although these forces have left their mark. The contributors to this interdisciplinary volume come from the fields of history, literature, dance, sociology, gender studies, and religion, making this collection unique in its recreation of an entire world too seldom considered as such.

Author Bio

John C. Hawley is Professor of English at Santa Clara University. He is author of Amitav Ghosh: An Introduction and editor of eleven books, including Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies and (with Revathi Krishnaswamy) The Postcolonial and the Global.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Unrecorded Lives, by John C. Hawley
1. Slave Trades and Indian Ocean World, by Gwyn Campbell

Part 1. India in Africa
2. The Indentured Experience: Indian Women in Colonial Natal, by Devarakshanam Govinden
3. Shops and Stations: Rethinking Power and Privilege in British/Indian East Africa, by Savita Nair
4. Bhangra Remixes, by Anjali Gera Roy
5. "Hindu" Dance Groups and Indophilie in Senegal: The Imagination of the Exotic Other, by Gwenda Vander Steene
6. The Idea of "India" in West African Vodun Art and Thought, by Dana Rush
7. Politics and Poetics of the Namesake in Mauritius: Barlen Pyamootoo's Bénarès, by Thangam Ravindranathan

Part 2. Africa in India
8. Siddi as Mercenary or as African Success Story on the West Coast of India, by Rahul C. Oka and Chapurukha M. Kusimba
9. Religion and Empire: Belief and Identity Among African Indians of Karnataka, South India, by Pashington Obeng
10. Marriage and Identity among the Sidis of Janjira and Sachin, by John McLeod
11. African Indians in Bollywood: Kamal Amrohi's Razia Sultan, by Jaspal Singh

List of Contributors