In the Jaws of History

In the Jaws of History

Bui Diem and David Chanoff
Distribution: World
Publication date: 06/22/1999
Format: Paperback 28 plates
ISBN: 978-0-253-21301-3
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... the ultimate insider's account of the war from the South Vietnamese side, including the appalling story of how the American intervention actually happened." —Washington Post

This book gives Americans a rare opportunity—the chance to see the Vietnam experience through Vietnamese eyes. Few Vietnamese know their recent history as well as Bui Diem does. And none has told it better." —Ambassador William Jorden

... well-written and at times illuminating... " —Library Journal

In the Jaws of History is the most important book written on the Vietnam War from the viewpoint of the South, from an author who was a senior official of the South Vietnamese government and later ambassador to the U.S.

Author Bio

Bui Diem is now a consultant on Vietnamese affairs living in Rockville, Maryland.

David Chanoff is the co-author of several other books on Vietnam.

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Table of Contents

In the Jaws of History
Early Years
Secret Societies
The Dia Viet
The August Revolution
British, Chinese, and French
The Terror
In Hiding
The Bao Dai Solution
Alpine Interlude
The French Dig In
The Emperor's Choice
Diem and the Opposition
The Coup
Beyond the Coup
The Government of General Khanh
The Americans Intervene
Dr. Quat and the Generals
Toward a Constitution
Second Step
Ambassador to Washington
A Democratic Constitution
Behind the Scenes
The 1967 Elections
A Change in Mood
Tet Mau Than
The Talks Begin
The Anna Chennault Affair
New President, New Policy
Buying Time
Losing Time
The One-Man Election
Two Showdowns
The Paris Agreement
Last Things