The Satires of Juvenal

The Satires of Juvenal

Distribution: World
Publication date: 01/22/1960
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20020-4
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... gives us all sixteen of the satires in the tough, slashing manner of the original, unheard in Dryden and the few others who tried it." —Saturday Review

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Table of Contents


The First Satire
On his compulsion toward this form of writing

The Second Satire
Against hypocritical queens

The Third Satire
Against the city of Rome

The Fourth Satire
Against a big fist

The Fifth Satire
Against mean patrons, and despicable clients

The Sixth Satire
Against women

The Seventh Satire
On poets, pedagogues, and poverty

The Eighth Satire
Against base nobles

The Ninth Satire
On the griefs of a career man

The Tenth Satire
On the vanity of human wishes

The Eleventh Satire
With an invitation to dinner

The Twelfth Satire
On the near-shipwrech of a friend

The Thirteenth Satire
For a defrauded friend

The Fourteenth Satire
On Education in avarice

The Fifteenth Satire
On the atrocities of Egypt

The Sixteenth Satire
On the Prerogatives of the soldier