The Aesthetics and Psychology of the Cinema
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The Aesthetics and Psychology of the Cinema

Jean Mitry
Translated by Christopher King
Distribution: English-speaking countries
Publication date: 4/6/2009
Format: paper 424 pages, 3 figures
7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-253-21377-8
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“ . . . a fresh, compelling, essential work of film theory. Recommended for all libraries.” —Choice

“[Jean Mitry] is the Aristotle of film.” —R.D. MacCann

“This text marks a watershed in film theory. Mitry sums up the first fifty years of theoretical writings on the cinema . . .” —Richard Abel

“The rediscovery of Mitry could change the parameters of film teaching, breaking down the boundaries between the real and the formal, forcing us to see how they are inexorably fused together.” —Leo Charney

“Christian Metz wrote that with this work, ‘an entire era of film literature ends.’ Perhaps because it was so imposing, people like Metz turned in different directions—semiotics, structuralism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, and so on.” —Charles Maland

The Aesthetics and Psychology of the Cinema supplies the missing link between the classical film theorists like Balacz and Munsterberg and the film semioticians like Metz. Mitry is the apotheosis and grand summation of the psychological and formalist views of film.

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