Alice Guy

Alice Guy

Léon Gaumont et les débuts du film sonore
French Edition
Léon Gaumont
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Format: paper 268 pages
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ISBN: 978-2-74201-097-4
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In the early twentieth century Gaumont was in the avant-garde of film technology, innovating in particular in the field of sound and colour. They were synchronizing sound on disk with motion pictures - representing a breakthrough in this area. Gaumont , with its "phonoscènes" and "filmparlants" presented a show, based in part on the world of vaudeville, song and monologue. This was a revolutionary technique of synchronization and amplification of sound. Léon Gaumont’s research into sound cinema, ending at the end of the 1920s with the development of the Gaumont-Petersen-Poulsen optical system.

Léon Gaumont was not the first or the only one trying to solve the problem of sound cinema. Many other companies developed parallel systems. However, it was the U.S. Vitaphone (none other than the improved Gaumont chronophone), which triumphed on the screen - at least for a while. Another innovative Gaumont was to entrust its film production to a young woman, Alice Guy. Under her direction, these fiction films developed considerably. But what exactly are the films by Alice Guy? When did she really start? Archival documents can clarify some of the mysteries. A number of studies collected in this book are based on unpublished material. Extensive illustration, not previosuly published, allows the reade to appreciate the beauty of equipment made by Léon Gaumont.

Author Bio

LAURENT MANNONI is a director and curator at the French Cinémathèque in Paris. Author of fifteen works on early cinema, he is responsible for organising a great many scientific conferences and exhibitions.

MAURICE GIANATI is a researcher, historian and collector, and has advised on the preparation of many exhibitions on early cinema. His archives are held by Gaumont, Pathé et la Cinémathèque française.

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Table of Contents

Préface Martine Offroy

Introduction Maurice Gianati et Laurent Mannoni

1. Alice Guy a-t-elle existé? Maurice Gianati

2. Gaumont pionnier du film sonore Laurent Mannoni

3. Alice Guy et les phonoscènes Maurice Gianati

4. Charles Proust et le chronomégaphone Gabriel Proust

5. L’exploitation en France du cinéma sonore avant 1914 Eric Lange

6. Les premiers systèmes Vitaphone, Movietone et Photophone Jean-Pierre Verscheure


Les catalogues des phonoscènes Maurice Gianati et Eric Lange

Notes explicatives sur la filmographie des phonoscènes Gaumont Maurice Gianati et Eric Lange

La filmographie des phonoscènes Gaumont

Notes explicatives sur la filmographie des filmparlants Gaumont Maurice Gianati et Eric Lange

Filmographie des filmparlants, années 1910 et 1920

Bibliographie sélective