Adventures in Lesbian Philosophy

Adventures in Lesbian Philosophy

Distribution: World
Publication date: 12/22/1994
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20899-6
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Adventures in Lesbian Philosophy contains many illuminating discussions (of S/M sex, lesbian ethics, lesbian desire, bisexuality), and includes a useful bibliography of lesbian criticism." —Passion

This new collection edited by Claudia Card includes important articles of interest to feminist philosophy relating to lesbian feminist issues and ethics." —Ethics

... a fun and engaging conceptual romp." —Journal of the History of Sexuality

These essays explore diverse positive understandings of "lesbian philosophy," from contested sexual behaviors such as pornography and sadomasochism to the meaning of "lesbianism." Editor Claudia Card has also included an up-to-date bibliography of lesbian philosophy and related works.

Author Bio

CLAUDIA CARD, Professor of Philosophy and Faculty Affiliate in Women's Studies and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is the editor of Feminist Ethics and the author of essays in numerous journals, including Signs, Hypatia, Lesbian Ethics, and Philosophical Review.

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Table of Contents

Claudia Card
What Is Lesbian Philosophy? A New Introduction


Jacquelyn N. Zita
Jeffner Allen: A Lesbian Portrait

Tangren Alexander
Lesbian Slip
2:00am, Valentine’s Morning
Est et Non: The Dream Body
For Sandra
The Feminist Existentialist State Song
The Answers in the Back: A Song

Maria Lugones
On Borderlands/La Frontera: An Interpretive Essay

Joyce Trebilcot
Not Lesbian Philosophy

Naomi Scheman
Jewish Lesbian Writing: A Review Essay


Bat-Ami Bar On
The Feminist Sexuality Debates and the Transformation of the Political

Lorena Leigh Saxe
Sadomasochism and Exclusion


Ruth Ginzberg
Audre Lorde’s (nonessentialist) Lesbian Eros

Elisabeth D. Daumer
Queer Ethics; or The Challenge of Bisexuality to Lesbian Ethics

Jacquelyn N. Zita
Male Lesbians and the Postmodernist Body


Chris Cuomo
Ritual Abuse: Making Connections

Barbara Houston
In Praise of Blame

Kathleen Martindale and Martha Saunders
Realizing Love and Justice: Lesbian Ethics in the Upper and Lower Case

Ruthann Robson
Mother: The Legal Domestication of Lesbian Existence

Sarah Lucia Hoagland
Why Lesbian Ethics?

Claudia Card
Lesbian Ethics and the Journal Lesbian Ethics: A Review


Margaret A. Simons
Lesbian Connections: Simone de Beauvoir and Feminism

Claudia Card
Selected Bibliography of Lesbian Philosophy and Related Works

Notes on Contributors