Heidegger and Language

Heidegger and Language

Edited by Jeffrey Powell
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 02/07/2013
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-00748-3
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The essays collected in this volume take a new look at the role of language in the thought of Martin Heidegger to reassess its significance for contemporary philosophy. They consider such topics as Heidegger’s engagement with the Greeks, expression in language, poetry, the language of art and politics, and the question of truth. Heidegger left his unique stamp on language, giving it its own force and shape, especially with reference to concepts such as Dasein, understanding, and attunement, which have a distinctive place in his philosophy.

Author Bio

Jeffrey Powell is Professor of Philosophy at Marshall University. He is currently translating (with William McNeill) Heidegger’s History of Beyng (IUP, forthcoming).


“The essays collected in Heidegger and Language take a new look at the role of language in the thought of Martin Heidegger to reassess its significance for contemporary philosophy. ”

“The volume addresses a topic that is of great importance to philosophers today as Heidegger's views on language are a point of contact between the continental and analytic traditions of philosophy, as well as a central part of his own thinking of being.”
 — Andrew Mitchell, Emory University

“A volume that reappraises the role of language in Heidegger's thought is a welcome addition to the literature.”
 — François Raffoul, Louisiana State University

“The essays in this volume . . . provid[e] worthwhile reading for anyone coming to Heidegger's work on language for the first time, and some help for those who have been thinking about, with, or against him already.”
 — Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

“The 14 original essays in this indispensable volume trace the transformations in Heidegger's thinking about language and discourse, hiddenness and unhiddenness, and, most importantly, the limits of language and the significance of silence. . . . Highly recommended.”
 — Choice

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Table of Contents

Introduction \ Jeffrey Powell
1. Heidegger's Ontological Analysis of Language \ Daniel O. Dahlstrom
2. Listening to the Silence: Reticence and the Call of Conscience in Heidegger's Philosophy \ Walter Brogan
3. In Force of Language: Language and Desire in Heidegger's Reading of Aristotle's Metaphysics \ William McNeill
4. The Secret Homeland of Speech: Heidegger on Language, 1933<N>1934 \ Richard Polt
5. The Logic of Thinking \ John Sallis
6. Giving Its Word: Event (as) Language \ Krzysztof Ziarek
7. Heidegger's Poietic Writings: From Contributions to Philosophy to Das Ereignis \ Daniela Vallega-Neu
8. Poets as Prophets and as Painters: Heidegger's Turn to Language and the Hölderlinian Turn in Context \ Robert Bernasconi
9. Truth Be Told: Homer, Plato, and Heidegger \ Dennis J. Schmidt
10. The Way to Heidegger's "Way to Language" \ Jeffrey L. Powell
11. Is There a Heidegger--or, for That Matter, a Lacan--Beyond All Gathering? \ David Farrell Krell
12. Heidegger and the Question of the "Essence" of Language \ Françoise Dastur
13. Dark Celebration: Heidegger's Silent Music \ Peter Hanly
14. Heidegger with Blanchot: On the Way to Fragmentation \ Christopher Fynsk

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