Persuasion, Reflection, Judgment

Persuasion, Reflection, Judgment

Ancillae Vitae
Rodolphe Gasché
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/03/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-02570-8
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As one of the most respected voices of Continental philosophy today, Rodolphe Gasché pulls together Aristotle's conception of rhetoric, Martin Heidegger's debate with theory, and Hannah Arendt's conception of judgment in a single work on the centrality of these themes as fundamental to human flourishing in public and political life. Gasché's readings address the distinctively human space of the public square and the actions that occur there, and his valorization of persuasion, reflection, and judgment reveals new insight into how the philosophical tradition distinguishes thinking from other faculties of the human mind.

Author Bio

Rodolphe Gasché is Distinguished Professor and Eugenio Donato Chair of Comparative Literature at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York.


“Here Rodolphe Gasché is at his best: rigorous, scholarly, creative, forceful, laser focused on the issues at stake, learned, thoughtful, and original. He demands much of his readers, but reading his work is rewarding in ways that can be profoundly affecting.”
 — Dennis J. Schmidt, author of Between Word and Image: Heidegger, Klee, and Gadamer on Gesture and Genesis

“Rodolphe Gasché has long been one of the most meticulous readers of texts on the philosophical scene and here he once again offers a master class in how to do philosophy through interpretation.”
 — Robert Bernasconi, author of How to Read Sartre

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Table of Contents

Part I. Persuasion (Aristotle)
1. A Truth Resembling Truth
2. Probability or Necessity
3. Logos, Topos, Stoikheion
Part II. Reflection (Heidegger)
4. Breaking with the Primacy of the Theoretical
5. The Genesis of the Theoretical
6. Beyond Theory: Theoria, or Watching Over What Is Still to Come
Part III. Judgment (Arendt)
7. The Space of Appearance
8. The Wind of Thought
9. A Sense of the World

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