After Emerson

After Emerson

John T. Lysaker
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 05/22/2017
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-02600-2
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John T. Lysaker works between and weaves together questions and replies in philosophical psychology, Emerson studies, and ethics in this book of deep existential questioning. Each essay in this atypical, philosophical book employs recurring terms, phrases, and questions that characterize our contemporary age. Setting out from the idea of where we are in an almost literal sense, Lysaker takes readers on an intellectual journey intothematic concerns and commitments of broad interest, such as the nature of self and self-experience, ethical life, poetry and philosophy, and history and race. In the manner of Emerson, Cavell, and Rorty, Lysaker's vibrant writing is certain to have a transformative effect on American philosophy today.

Author Bio

John T. Lysaker is Professor of Philosophy at Emory University. He is author of Emerson and Self-Culture (IUP).


“There is something fresh and hence refreshing in the manner in which John T. Lysaker takes up familiar topics. He shows, with both arresting details and an evolving design, how the conduct of life (to use Emerson's expression) demands a form of thought frequently at odds with contemporary fashions and preoccupations, with institutionally entrenched approaches and all too rigidly policed discourses.”
 — Vincent Colapietro, author of Experience, Interpretation, and Community

“An original and stimulating book, manifesting a level of reflection and existential concern of the highest order. It is intellectually and personally honest.”
 — Robert E. Innis, author of Susanne Langer in Focus

“[T]he writing is stimulating, vibrant, challenging, risky, and fecund. Recommended.”
 — Choice

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Table of Contents

Where Do We Find Ourselves?
Not with Syllables but Men
Essaying America
Living Multiplicity: A Matter of Course
Emerson, Race, & the Conduct of Life
Reforming Ethical Life
Emerson & the Case of Philosophy
Abbreviations for Emerson’s Works

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