Nine Talmudic Readings

Nine Talmudic Readings

Emmanuel Levinas, translated by Annette Aronowicz
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 05/16/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-04049-7
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Nine rich and masterful readings of the Talmud by the French Jewish philosopher Emmanuel Levinas translate Jewish thought into the language of modern times. Between 1963 and 1975, Levinas delivered these commentaries at the annual Talmudic colloquia of a group of French Jewish intellectuals in Paris. In this collection, Levinas applies a hermeneutic that simultaneously allows the classic Jewish texts to shed light on contemporary problems and lets modern problems illuminate the texts. Besides being quintessential illustrations of the art of reading, the essays express the deeply ethical vision of the human condition that makes Levinas one of the most important thinkers of our time.

Author Bio

Annette Aronowicz is the Robert F. and Patricia G. Ross Weis Professor of Judaic Studies and Professor of Religious Studies at Franklin and Marshall College. She is author of Freedom from Ideology: Secrecy in Modern Expressions and Jews and Christians on Time and Eternity: Charles Pguy's Portrait of Bernard-Lazare.

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Table of Contents

Levinas's Talmudic Readings: Thirty Years Later / Annette Aronowicz


Translator's Introduction / Annette Aronowicz

Four Talmudic Readings


Toward the Other

The Temptation of Temptation

Promised Land or Permitted Land

"As Old as the World?"

From the Sacred to the Holy: Five New Talmudic Readings


Judaism and Revolution

The Youth of Israel

Desacralization and Disenchantment

And God Created Woman

Damages Due to Fire