Being and Logos

Being and Logos

Reading the Platonic Dialogues
John Sallis
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 09/20/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-04432-7
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"Being and Logos" is... a philosophical adventure of rare inspiration.... Its power to illuminate the text..., its ecumenicity of inspiration, its methodological rigor, its originality, and its philosophical profundity—all together make it one of the few philosophical interpretations that the philosopher will want to re-read along with the dialogues themselves. A superadded gift is the author’s prose, which is a model of lucidity and grace."
—International Philosophical Quarterly

"Being and Logos is highly recommended for those who wish to learn how a thoughtful scholar approaches Platonic dialogues as well as for those who wish to consider a serious discussion of some basic themes in the dialogues."
—The Academic Reviewer

Author Bio

John Sallis is Frederick J. Adelmann Professor of Philosophy at Boston College. He is author of more than 20 books, including The Figure of Nature and The Return of Nature.

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Table of Contents

Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Section 1. On Reading Plato
Section 2. The Questions: Philosophy, Logos, Being
Section 3. The Way of Platonic Dialogue: Preliminary Reflections
Part One. Socratic Logos
Chapter I. Provocations of Socratic Logos: Apology of Socrates
Section 1. The Prologue to the Apology (17 a - 19 a)
Section 2. The Way of Socrates
Section 3. Service to Apollo (10 d - 24 b)
Section 4. Socrates and the City (24 b - 42 a)
Chapter II. Ignorance and Recollection: Meno
Section 1. Meno (70 a - 79 e)
Section 2. Meno and Socrates (79 e - 86 d)
Section 3. Meno and Anytus (86 d - 96 d)
Section 4. Meno, Socrates, Anytus (96 d - 100 c)
Chapter III. Beyond the City: Phaedrus
Section 1. The Setting (227 a - 230 e)
Section 2. The Three Speeches (230 e -2 57 b)
Section 3. The Perfection of Speech (257 b - 279 c)
Postscript to Part One. The Way of Platonic Dialogue: Further Reflections
Part Two. Being and Logos
Chapter IV. Logos and Its Parts: Cratylus
Section 1. The Problem of Names (383 a - 384 c)
Section 2. The Art of Naming (384 c - 390 e)
Section 3. Human Names and Divine Names (390 e- 397 a)
Section 4. The Etymological Comedy (397 a - 421 c)
Section 5. Imitation (421 c - 427 e)
Section 6. Cratylus (427 e - 437 d)
Section 7. Names and Things (437 d - 440 e)
Chapter V. The Upward Way: Republic
Section 1. Down to Piraeus (Book I)
Section 2. The City and the Soul (Book II - Book V, 473 c)
Section 3. The Philosopher (473 c- 507 b)
Section 4. The Good (507 b - 509 c)
Section 5. The Divided Line (509 d - 511 e, 521 c - 535 a)
Section 6. The Cave (514 a - 521 b)
Chapter VI. The Way of Logos: Sophist
Section 1. In Search of the Sophist (216 a - 232 a)
Section 2. The Problem of Being and Non-Being (232 a - 251 a)
Section 3. Being and Non-Being (251 a - 259 d)
Section 4. The Community of Being and Logos (259 d - 268 d)
Postscript. The Way of Platonic Dialogue