Philosophy as Passion

Philosophy as Passion

The Thinking of Simone De Beauvoir
Karen Vintges, Anne Lavelle
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/22/1996
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21070-8
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Accessible, attractively written (and very well translated), Vintges's study is a convincing defence of de Beauvoir against some of the more common criticisms." —Radical Philosophy

... Vintges’s meticulous textual analysis, logical clarity, and sweeping originality guarantee her book its enduring value. Indispensable for students of Beauvoir’s philosophy and existentialism, Vintges’s book will prove valuable as well in courses on ethics, postmodernism, and feminist theory." —Ethics

... a highly informative book." —Teaching Philosophy

... important... well worth reading." —Library Journal

... clearly written, comprehensive... will prove valuable as well in courses on ethics, postmodernism, and feminist theory." —Ethics

The book is essential reading for those interested in Beauvoir and in existentialism generally." —Women’s Philosophy Review

The moral theory revealed offers ethical answers to some of today’s most difficult issues." —AAUW Outlook

Philosophy as Passion refutes the commonly held view of Simone de Beauvoir as no more than an acolyte of Jean-Paul Sartre. Karen Vintges delineates Beauvoir’s independent, original ethics and philosophy, drawing on the moral-philosophical treatises of the 1940s and ’50s, The Second Sex, The Mandarins, and her autobiographical works. Vintges shows that Beauvoir’s unique notions added an ethical dimension to existentialist philosophy.

Author Bio

KAREN VINTGES is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. A founder and editor of the journal Krisis, she has published essays on Beauvoir, Foucault, and theories of ideology, pornography, and feminism.

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Table of Contents



1. Introduction

2. The Life of a Thinking Woman

3. The Second Sex and Philosophy

4. A Place For Love

5. Forms of Ethics

6. Ethics As Art of Living

7. Simone de Beauvoir’s Art of Living

8. A Philosopher as Woman

9. A Woman As Philosopher

10. Philosophy as Passion