The Advanced Projection Manual

The Advanced Projection Manual

Torkell Saetervadet
Format: cloth 300 pages, 300 illus.
9.5 x 8
ISBN: 978-2-9600296-1-1
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The Advanced Projection Manual is designed to provide cinema engineers and projectionists with the necessary technical know-how and hands-on advice. The book also includes a much needed introduction to electronic and digital projection technologies.

The Advanced Projection Manual is published jointly by FIAF and the Norwegian Film Institute.

Author Bio

Torkell Sætervadet is a cinema design and technology expert based in Norway. He is author of the comprehensive guide on film and digital projection, FIAF Digital Projection Guide.

Until 2010, the author held the post as director of technology at Unique Cinema Systems (UCS), the company responsible for the roll-out of D-cinema in Norway—the first country in the world to transfer its entire cinema exhibition industry to digital. Prior to his engagement with UCS, he co-founded Norsk kinokonsult, a company specialising in cinema design. Other past positions include technical manager at the Norwegian Film Institute in Oslo and principal cinema engineer for the digital sound format SDDS in Europe.

He is a member of the SMPTE and supported the archival frame rate efforts of the SMPTE DC.21 committee. He is currently also an associate member of the FIAF Technical Commission.


"This handsomely designed manual—which, by the way, is decidedly not a training manual for projectionists: you need to be a projectionist before you can become an advanced projectionist—will prove indispensable for any organisation presenting old film and, indeed, anything other than the latest release, such is the fluidity of cinema technology." —David Walsh

Journal of Film Preservation

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