Beyond Methodology

Beyond Methodology

Feminist Scholarship as Lived Research
Distribution: World
Publication date: 04/22/1991
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20629-9
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A stellar cast of authors discuss and describe feminist research, reflecting the state of feminist discourse in sociology.... its high quality makes it a must in sociology and women’s studies collections." —Choice

... empowering... thought-provoking... " —Gender & Society

... a valuable addition to the literature on feminism and method that reveals important discrepancies and shared themes in its chapters." —Contemporary Sociology

In this interdisciplinary collection of articles by internationally recognized feminist scholars, the authors examine efforts to apply feminist principles to the research act. Each stage of the research process is examined, from sampling techniques to mass media packaging and marketing of feminist research. The essays address both abstract philosophical questions and the more practical ways theories are translated into feminist inquiry.

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Table of Contents

1. Back to the Future: A Look at the Second Wave of Feminist Epistemology and Methodology
Mary Margaret Fonow and Judith A. Cook
2. The Man of Professional Wisdom
Kathryn Pyne Addelson
3. Learning from the Outsider Within: The Sociological Significance of Black Feminist Thought
Patricia Hill Collins
4. Women’s Research or Feminist Research? The Debate Surrounding Feminist Science and Methodology
Maria Mies
5. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in the Social Sciences: Current Feminist Issues and Practical Strategies
Toby Epstein Jayaratne and Abigail J. Stewart
6. Race and Class Bias in Qualitative Research on Women
Lynn Weber Cannon, Elizabeth Higginbotham, and Marianne L.A. Leung
7. Researching the Women’s Movement: We Make Our Own History, But Not Just As We Please
Verta Taylor and Leila J. Rupp
8. Objectivity and Truth: Problems in Doing Feminist Research
Joan Acker, Kate Barry, and Johanna Esseveld
9. Separate but Equivalent: Equal Pay for Work of Comparable Worth
Ronnie Steinberg and Lois Haignere
10. The Different Worlds of Women and Men: Attitudes toward Pornography and Responses to Not a Love Story-A Film about Pornography
Pauline B. Bart, Linda N. Freeman, and Peter Kimball
11. Household Resources and U.S. Womens Work: Factors Affecting Gainful Employment at the Turn of the Century
Christine E. Bose
12. Women in Agriculture: Counting the Labor Force in Developing Countries
Ruth Dixon-Mueller
13. Coauthorship, Gender, and Publication among Sociologists
Kathryn B. Ward and Linda Grant
14. Feminist Research, Feminist Consciousness, the Experiences of Sexism
Liz Stanley and Sue Wise
15. Sharing Feminist Research with Popular Audiences: The Book Tour
Laurel Richardson