Explorations in Feminist Ethics

Explorations in Feminist Ethics

Theory and Practice
Distribution: World
Publication date: 04/22/1992
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20697-8
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These essays advance a reinterpretation of pivotal categories such as self-knowing, moral agency, and altruism... A must for all students and researchers/faculty engaged in the study of ethics." —Choice

This is an extraordinarily valuable collection of essays in feminist ethics." —Teaching Philosophy

A range of recent work in feminist ethics, exploring such issues as the ethic of care, a viable feminist ethics, Pythagoreanism, existentialism, utilitarianism, self-knowing, emotion, and moral vision. Also discussed is the process of applying feminist ethics to work situations. The concluding essays point to the future and present new visions for the field.

Author Bio

EVE BROWNING COLE is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She is author of articles on Greek philosophy and culture, sexism in the history of philosophy, and ancient views on the intelligence and character of (nonhuman) animals. SUSAN COULTRAP-MCQUIN is Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Humanities at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She is author of Doing Literary Business: American Women Writers in the Nineteenth Century.

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Table of Contents


Toward a Feminist Conception of Moral Life
Eve Browning Cole and Susan Coultrap-McQuin

I. The Care Debate

Do Feminist Ethics Counter Feminist Aims?
Patricia Ward Scaltsas

Care and Confusion
Dianne Romain

Warning: The Surgeon Moralist Has Determined That Claims of Rights Can Be Detrimental to Everyone’s Interests
Roger J. Rigterink

Just Caring
Rita Manning

II. Comparisons Across Theories

Harmonia and Koinonia: Moral Values for Pythagorean Women
Julie K. Ward

Care and Respect
Robin S. Dillon

Beyond Either/Or: Justice and Care in the Ethics of Albert Camus
Elizabeth Ann Bartlett

Feminism and Modern Friendship: Dislocating the Community
Marilyn Friedman

III. Constructing an Ethical Life

Ethics and Self-Knowing: The Satisfaction of Desire
Winnie Tomm

Seeing through Women’s Eyes: The Role of Vision in Women’s Moral Theory
Ellen L. Fox

Emotional Work
Cheshire Calhoun

IV. Working Within a Feminsit Ethic

Feminist Ethics and Workplace Values
Mary C. Raugust

Some Issues in the Ethics of Collaborative Work
Canadian Feminist Ethics Theroy Group: Lorraine Code, Maureen Ford, Kathleen Martindale, Susan Sherwin, Debra Shogan

V. New Directions in Theory

From Maternal Thinking to Peace Politics
Sara Ruddick

Lesbian Ethics and Female Agency

Moral Understandings: Alternative Epistemology for a Feminist Ethics
Margaret Urban Walker

A Global Perspective on Feminist Ethics and Diversity
Charlotte Bunch