Between Babel and Pentecost

Between Babel and Pentecost

Transnational Pentecostalism in Africa and Latin America
Distribution: World
Publication date: 08/22/2001
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21378-5
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A great read for anyone wanting to thnk about how to interpret contemporary religious trends, and for those versed in Euro-American forms of Pentecostalism to consider how non-Western variations may challenge and expand the theoretical repertoire on the subject." — Religious Studies Review

" — African Studies Review

Over the past two decades, Latin American and African societies have experienced the phenomenal growth of Pentecostal movements. This book examines the subject from different perspectives, taking into consideration the important transnational character of such movements and their tendency to foster identities which transcend the national and cultural context in which they begin.

Author Bio

Andre Corten is a Professor in the Departement de Sciences Politiques, Universite du Quebec à Montréal.

Ruth Marshall-Fratani is a Research Fellow in the Africa Department at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

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Table of Contents


Waldo Cesar, "From Babel to Pentecost: A Social-Historical-Theological Study of the Growth of Pentecostalism"

Ari Pedro Oro and Pablo Seman, "Brazilian Pentecostalism Crosses National Borders"

Andre Corten, "Transnationalized Religious Needs and Political Delegitimization in Latin America"

Paul Freston, "The Transnationalization of Brazilian Pentecostalism: The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God"

Jean-Pierre Bastian, "Pentecostalism, Market Logic, and Religious Transnationalization in Costa Rica"

Laennec Hurbon, "Pentecostalism and Transnationalization in the Caribbean"

Diane J. Austin-Broos, "Jamaican Pentecostalism: Transnational Relations and the Nation State"

Ruth Marshall-Fratani, "Mediating the Global and Local in Nigerian Pentecostalism"

Pierre Joseph Laurent, "Transnationalization and Local Recombinations: The Example of the Church of Assemblies of God of Burkina Faso"

R. Van Dijk, "Time and Transcultural Technologies of the Self in the Ghanaian Pentecostal Diaspora"

Elisabeth Dorier-Apprill, "The New Pentecostal Networks of Brazzaville"

Harri Englund, "The Quest for Missionaries"

Cedric Mayrargue, "The Expansion of Pentecostalism in Benin: Individual Rationales and Transnational Dynamics"

Paul Gifford, "The Complex Provenance of Some Elements of African Pentecostal Theology"