Representing Animals

Representing Animals

Edited by Nigel Rothfels
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 11/28/2002
Format: Paperback 33 b&w photos, 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21551-2
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Representing Animals explores the complex and often surprising connections between our imagining of animals and our cultural environment. The contributors—historians, literary critics, anthropologists, artists, art historians, and scholars of cultural studies—examine the ways we talk, write, photograph, imagine, and otherwise represent animals. The book includes topics such as pet cloning, fox hunting, animatronic characters, and how we displace our fear of aging onto our dogs.

Representing Animals demonstrates the deep connections between the way we think about animals and the way we have thought about ourselves and our cultures in different times and places. Its publication marks a formative moment in the emerging field of animal studies.

Steve Baker, Marcus Bullock, Jane Desmond, Erica Fudge, Andrew Isenberg, Kathleen Kete, Akira Mizuta Lippit, Teresa Mangum, Garry Marvin, Susan McHugh, and Nigel Rothfels.

Author Bio

Nigel Rothfels is an independent scholar and Director of the Edison Initiative at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is the author of Savages and Beasts: The Birth of the Modern Zoo (2002), and is currently writing a cultural history of the elephant.


“The book demonstrates the deep connections between how we think about animals and how we think about ourselves and our cultures in different times and places. The collection brings together scholars from a wide variety of disciplines—including history, literary studies, anthropology, cultural studies, and art and art history—and marks a formative moment in the emerging field of "animal studies." ". . . this is a very wide-ranging collection and there is a huge amount of fascinating detail and thought. . . All the essays, without exception, have much to offer. . . " —Anthrozoös ”

“…I recommend Representing Animals to scholars and others interested in how cultural representations of animals have influenced society and impacted actual animals. . . . the book's cohesive message that the problems of nonhuman animals are very much our problems as well should be counted as a strength and a message that all parties might break bread over. ”
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Table of Contents


Nigel Rothfels

I. Animals in History
1. A Left-Handed Blow: Writing the History of Animals
Erica Fudge
2. Animals and Ideology: The Politics of Animal Protection in Europe
Kathleen Kete
3. Dog Years, Human Fears
Teresa Mangum
4. The Moral Ecology of Wildlife
Andrew Isenberg

II. The Animal Object
5. What Does Becoming-Animal Look Like?
Steve Baker
6. Watching Eyes, Seeing Dreams, Knowing Lives
Marcus Bullock
7.... From Wild Technology to Electric Animal
Akira Mizuta Lippit

III. Cultures of Animals
8. Unspeakability, Inedibility, and the Structures of Pursuit in the English Foxhunt
Garry Marvin
9. Displaying Death, Animating Life: Changing Fictions of "Liveness" from Taxidermy to Animatronics
Jane Desmond
10. Bitches from Brazil: Cloning and Owning Dogs through the Missyplicity Project
Susan McHugh
11. Immersed with Animals
Nigel Rothfels