Franchthi Neolithic Pottery, Volume 1

Franchthi Neolithic Pottery, Volume 1

Classification and Ceramic Phases 1 and 2, Fascicle 8
Karen D. Vitelli
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 08/22/1993
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-31980-7
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This is the first of two detailed reports on the more than one million pieces of pottery (and three complete vessels) recovered from Franchthi Cave and Paralia. These accounts significantly increase our understanding of Neolithic pottery and society in southern Greece. The enormous amount of pottery and the detailed stratigraphic sequences at Franchthi have enabled Vitelli to propose finer chronological distinctions than ever before possible and to talk meaningfully about the people who made and used that pottery. Vitelli’s report describes a new classification system she developed for Aegean Neolithic ceramics that makes it possible to address questions about social and economic organization in Neolithic Greece. Part I of this volume explains the new classification system developed by Vitelli and its rationale, describes the analyses performed on the sherds, and describes and explains the establishing of ceramic phases within the stratigraphic record. Part II discusses in turn each of the ceramic subphases for the period covered by this volume (Early and Middle Neolithic). Part III contains detailed descriptions and analyses of the various classes of pottery found at the site. Part IV begins the task of assessing the implications of the analyses reported here.

Karen D. Vitelli is Director of the Franchthi project. She is the coeditor of Archaeological Ethics (2006).

Author Bio

Karen D. Vitelli is Director of the Franchthi project. She is the coeditor of Archaeological Ethics (2006).


““ . . . a highly innovative study that foregrounds the decision-making and technological choices of Neolithic potters . . . ” —Antiquity “ . . . imaginative, rigorous and admirably lucid study.” —Journal of Hellenic Studies The first of two systematic reports on the more than one million sherds of pottery recovered from the Franchthi Cave and Paralia which will significantly increase our understanding of Neolithic pottery and Neolithic society in southern Greece. Illustrated.”

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Table of Contents

Foreword (T.W. Jacobsen)




Part I Theory and Methods

Chapter One: The Ceramic Classification/Introduction/Rationale and Procedures/Ceramic Production at        Franchthi/Terminology

Chapter Two: The Characterization Analyses

Chapter Three: The Ceramic Phasing/Procedures/The Ceramic Phases/The Ceramic Subphases/The Boundaries


Part II Excavation Contexts: FCP 7 and FCP 2

Chapter Four: Introduction

Chapter Five: Ceramic Interphase 0/1 (Int 0/1)/Definition/Contexts/Summary: The Beginnings of Pottery Use at Franchthi

Chapter Six: Franchthi Ceramic Phase 1 (FCP 1)/Definition/Contexts/Summary: The Nature of FCP 1 Occupation

Chapter Seven: Franchthi Ceramic Phase 2 (FCP 2)/General Introduction

Chapter Eight: Ceramic Interphase 1/2 (Int 1/2)/Definition/Contexts/Summary of Int 1/2 Contexts

Chapter Nine: Ceramic Subphase 2.1 (FCP 2.1)/Definition/Contexts/Summary of FCP 2.1 Contexts

Chapter Ten: Ceramic Subphase 2.2 (FCP 2.2)/Definition/Contexts/Summary of FCP 2.2 Contexts

Chapter Eleven: Ceramic Subphase 2.3 (FCP 2.3)/Definition/Contexts/Summary of FCP 2.3 Contexts

Chapter Twelve: Ceramic Subphase 2.4 (FCP 2.4)/Definition/Contexts/Summary of FCP 2.4 Contexts

Chapter Thirteen: Ceramic Subphase 2.5 (FCP 2.5)/Definition/Contexts/Summary of FCP 2.5 Contexts

Chapter Fourteen: The FCP 2/FCP 3 Boundary


Part III The Pottery

Chapter Fifteen: Introduction to the Pottery Analysis

Chapter Sixteen: FCP 1 Lime Ware/Introduction/Calcareous Class: Lime Ware

Chapter Seventeen: FCP 1 Sandy Ware/Noncalcareous Class: Sandy Ware

Chapter Eighteen: FCP 1 Minor Wares/Noncalcareous Class: Andesite Ware/Calcareous Class: Ungritted Ware/Calcareous Class: Serpentine Ware

Chapter Nineteen: FCP 2 Lime Ware/Introduction to the Pottery of Int 1/2 and FCP 2/Calcareous Class: Lime Ware

Chapter Twenty: FCP 2 Sandy Ware/Noncalcareous Class: Sandy Ware

Chapter Twenty-one: Int 1/2 and FCP 2 Minor Wares/Noncalcareo