Everyday Life in Southeast Asia

Everyday Life in Southeast Asia

Edited by Kathleen M. Adams and Kathleen A. Gillogly, contributions by Lorraine Aragon, Andrew Causey, Holly High, Judith Nagata, Harold Conklin, Hjorleifur Jonsson, John Clammer, Christina Schwenkel, Susan Darlington, Nancy Smith-Hefner, Katharine Wiegel
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 07/18/2011
Format: Paperback 15 b&w illus., 3 maps
ISBN: 978-0-253-22321-0
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This lively survey of the peoples, cultures, and societies of Southeast Asia introduces a region of tremendous geographic, linguistic, historical, and religious diversity. Encompassing both mainland and island countries, these engaging essays describe personhood and identity, family and household organization, nation-states, religion, popular culture and the arts, the legacies of war and recovery, globalization, and the environment. Throughout, the focus is on the daily lives and experiences of ordinary people. Most of the essays are original to this volume, while a few are widely taught classics. All were chosen for their timeliness and interest, and are ideally suited for the classroom.

Author Bio

Kathleen M. Adams is Professor of Anthropology at Loyola University Chicago. She is author of Art as Power: Recrafting Identities, Tourism and Power in Tana Toraja, Indonesia and editor (with Sara Dickey) of Home and Hegemony: Domestic Work and Identity Politics in South and Southeast Asia.

Kathleen A. Gillogly is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


"With this volume, introducing students to the study of Southeast Asia has just become easier. Adams and Gillogly have assembled a wide-ranging collection of accessible and engaging articles about the region—all of which promise to work well in the classroom. I look forward to using it!"

Nancy Eberhardt

"Wonderfully comprehensive yet vividly well-written.... If I were asked to recommend one book that captures the cultural legacies and emergent complexity of today's Southeast Asia, this gracious and dazzling book would be it."

Robert W. Hefner

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Table of Contents

Note on Transliteration
Introduction: Southeast Asia and Everyday Life
Part 1. Fluid Personhood: Conceptualizing Identities
1. Living in Indonesia without a Please or Thanks: Cultural Translations of Reciprocity and Respect / Lorraine V. Aragon
2. Toba Batak Selves: Personal, Spiritual, Collective / Andrew Causey
3. Poverty and Merit: Mobile Persons in Laos / Holly High
4. A Question of Identity: Different Ways of Being Malay and Muslim in Malaysia / Judith Nagata
Part 2. Family, Households, and Livelihoods
5. Maling: A Hanunóo Girl from the Philippines / Harold C. Conklin
6. Marriage and Opium in a Lisu Village in Northern Thailand / Kathleen Gillogly
7. Merit and Power in the Thai Social Order / Lucien M. Hanks, Jr.
Part 3. Crafting the Nation-State
8. Recording Tradition and Measuring Progress in the Ethnic Minority Highlands of Thailand / Hjorleifur Jonsson
9. Everyday Life and the Management of Cultural Complexity in Contemporary Singapore / John Clammer
10. Youth Culture and Fading Memories of War in Hanoi, Vietnam / Christina Schwenkel
Part 4. World Religions in Everyday Life: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity
11. The Ordination of a Tree: The Buddhist Ecology Movement in Thailand / Susan M. Darlington
12. Javanese Women and the Veil / Nancy Smith-Hefner
13. Everyday Catholicism: Expanding the Sacred Sphere in the Philippines / Katharine L. Wiegele
Part 5. Communicating Ideas: Popular Culture, Arts, and Entertainment
14. Cultivating "Community" in an Indonesian Era of Conflict: Toraja Artistic Strategies for Promoting Peace / Kathleen M. Adams
15. The Fall of Thai Rocky / Pattana Kitiarsa
16. Everyday Life as Art: Thai Artists and the Aesthetics of Shopping, Eating, Protesting, and Having Fun / Sandra Cate
17. Eating Lunch and Recreating the Universe: Food and Cosmology in Hoi An, Vietnam / Nir Avieli
Part 6. War and Recovery
18. Living with the War Dead in Contemporary Vietnam / Shaun Kingsley Malarney
19. Producing the People: Exchange Obligations and Popular Nationalism / Elizabeth G. Traube
20. The Question of Collaborators: Moral Order and Community in the Aftermath of the Khmer Rouge / Eve Monique Zucker
Part 7. Global Processes and Shifting Ecological Relations
21. When the Mountains No Longer Mean Home / Chris Lyttleton
22. "They Do Not Like to Be Confined and Told What To Do": Schooling Malaysian Indigenes / Robert Knox Dentan, Anthony (Bah Tony) Williams-Hunt, and Juli Edo
23. Narratives of Agency: Sex Work in Indonesia's Borderlands / Michele Ford and Lenore Lyons
24. Just below the Surface: Environmental Destruction and Loss of Livelihood on an Indonesian Atoll / Gene Ammarell
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