A Legacy of Armenian Treasures

A Legacy of Armenian Treasures

Testimony to a People–The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum
Edited by Edmond Y. Azadian
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 05/15/2013
Format: Hardback 250 color illus.
ISBN: 978-0-578-11377-7
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The Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum in Michigan holds the largest and most representative gathering of Armenian art and artifacts outside Armenia, including illuminated manuscripts, early printed books, rugs and carpets, sacred vessels and vestments, textiles and embroidery, ceramics, metalwork, paintings, coins, and objects from the ancient kingdom of Urartu. A Legacy of Armenian Treasures features more than 160 of the museum's most vital and beautiful pieces, each reproduced in full color and accompanied by a detailed entry. Essays by nine scholars of Armenian art and artifacts shed light not only on the artistic significance of these objects but on their cultural context as well.

Author Bio

Edmond Y. Azadian is Advisor to the Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum and Advisor from the Diaspora to the Ministry of Culture of Armenia. His books include Portraits and Profiles and History on the Move.

Sylvie L. Merian is a librarian at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York and author of many articles on Armenian arts and artifacts. She holds a Ph.D. in Armenian Studies with a specialization in Armenian manuscripts and codicology.

Lucy Ardash is Director of the Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum.


“For centuries Armenia did not exist as an independent state, yet its clerics, poets, artists, and musicians maintained and cultivated a cultural heritage of extraordinary beauty. A people can survive, even thrive, under alien imperial powers, if its sense of identity is continued. Here we see how manuscript illuminators, church builders, and writers carried on the idea of Armenian civilization through a millennium. This exquisite volume brings to us a vivid portrait of a people whom no empire was able to extinguish. The Manoogian Museum and this beautiful book reveal a glorious, gorgeous past of a determined people.”
 — Ronald Grigor Suny, University of Michigan

“This beautiful work provides an excellent introduction to the art practices of the Armenian people. Artists, historians, and those interested in the culture of the Caucasus will enjoy reading this coffee-table book.”

“This richly illustrated book . . . makes a significant contribution to an understanding of Armenian culture and history. . . Highly recommended. ”
 — Choice

“More than 160 of the Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum's most important pieces shed light not only on the artistic significance of these objects but on their cultural context.”

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Table of Contents

Foreword Thomas F. Mathews
Introduction Edmond Y. Azadian

Chapter 1. Illuminated Manuscripts and Printed Books Sylvie L. Merian
Chapter 2. Ceramics Amy S. Landau
Chapter 3. Inscribed Rugs Vahram Taitikian with S. Peter Cowe
Chapter 4. Ancient and Medieval Coins Levon Saryan
Chapter 5. Paintings and Sculpture Garabed Belian
Chapter 6. Ancient Objects Alina Ayvazian and Felix I. Ter-Martirosov
Chapter 7. Garments, Lace, and Embroidery Sylvie L. Merian
Chapter 8. Sacred and Religious Objects Amy S. Landau, Theo Maarten van Lint, and Sylvie L. Merian
Chapter 9. Practical and Personal Metal Objects Sylvie L. Merian

Timeline of Armenian History
Glossary of Armenian Terms
Appendix I: Key to Use of Armenian Letters to Represent Numerals
Appendix II: Indo-European Languages Diagram
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