Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present

Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present

Afterword by Sheila Fitzpatrick, edited by Choi Chatterjee, David L. Ransel, Mary Cavender and Karen Petrone
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 01/29/2015
Format: Paperback 12 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-01254-8
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In these original essays on long-term patterns of everyday life in prerevolutionary, Soviet, and contemporary Russia, distinguished scholars survey the cultural practices, power relations, and behaviors that characterized daily existence for Russians through the post-Soviet present. Microanalyses and transnational perspectives shed new light on the formation and elaboration of gender, ethnicity, class, nationalism, and subjectivity. Changes in consumption and communication patterns, the restructuring of familial and social relations, systems of cultural meanings, and evolving practices in the home, at the workplace, and at sites of leisure are among the topics explored.

Author Bio

Choi Chatterjee is Professor of History at California State University, Los Angeles.

David L. Ransel is Robert F. Byrnes Professor of History at Indiana University Bloomington.

Mary Cavender is Associate Professor of History at the Ohio State University at Mansfield.

Karen Petrone is Professor of History at the University of Kentucky.


“Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present provides a fascinating, three-hundred and sixty degree panorama of everyday life in Imperial Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet society. The volume includes some of the best scholars in the field who expand, broaden and diversify the meaning of 'everyday life' in history, anthropology, and literature and film studies.”
 — Kate Brown, author of Plutopia: Nuclear Families in Atomic Cities and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Di

“An outstanding collection about an important topic that is approached through a series of insightful, interdisciplinary chapters. . . . An impressive work.”
 — Stephen M. Norris, author of Blockbuster History in the New Russia: Movies, Memory, and Patriotism

“Volumes of such diversity frequently miss the mark, but this one represents a welcomed introduction to and a 'must' read for anyone seriously interested in the subject. ”
 — Cahiers du Monde russe

“Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present . . . offers readers a richly theoretical and empirical consideration of the 'state of play' of everyday life as it applies to the interdisciplinary study of Russia. ”
 — Slavic Review

“Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present is an excellent and ambitious edited collection . . . . The authors . . . are some of the best in the field and their contributions challenge and expand our understanding of the concept of everyday life as lived in prerevolutionary, Soviet, and contemporary Russia.”
 — Canadian Slavonic Papers

“An engaging look at a vibrant area of research. . . . Highly recommended.”
 — Choice

“[T]his book is a must-read for any scholar engaging with Russian culture. It explores many unfamiliar facets of everyday Russia and reveals new, unexpected angles of familiar topics.”
 — The Russian Review

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Table of Contents

Part I. Approaches to Everyday Life
1. The Scholarship of Everyday Life / David L. Ransel
2. Provincial Nobles, Elite History and the Imagination of Everyday Life / Mary Cavender
3. Resisting Resistance: Everyday life, Practical Competence and Neoliberal Rhetoric in Postsocialist Russia / Olga Shevchenko,
4. The Oil Company and the Crafts Fair: From Povsednevnost’ to Byt in Postsocialist Russia / Douglas Rogers
Part II. Public Identities and Public Space
5. ’We don’t talk about ourselves’: Women Academics Recall Their Path to Success / Natalia Pushkareva
6. The Literature of Everyday Life and Popular Representations of Motherhood in Brezhnev’s Time / Elizabeth Skomp
7. ’They Are Taking That Air From Us’: Sale of Commonly Enjoyed Properties to Private Developers / David L. Ransel
Part III. Living Space and Personal Choice
8. Everyday Life and the Problem of Conceptualizing Public and Private during the Khrushchev Era / Deborah A. Field
9. Soviet Mass Housing and the Communist Way of Life / Steven E. Harris
10. Everyday Aesthetics in the Khrushchev-Era Standard Apartment / Susan E. Reid
11. The Soviet Communal Apartment Lives On, Adapting to Post-Soviet Conditions / Ilya Utekhin
Part IV. Myth, Memory, and the History of Everyday Life
12. Everyday Stalinism in Transition-Era Film / Peter C. Pozefsky
13. Totality Decomposed: Objectalizing Late Socialism in Post-Soviet Biochronicles / Serguei Oushakine
14. Everyday Life and the Ties that Bind in Liudmila Ulitskaia's Medea and Her Children / Benjamin Sutcliffe
Part V. Coming Home: Transnational Connections
15. Sino-Soviet Every Day: Chinese Revolutionaries in Moscow Military Schools, 1927-1930 / Elizabeth McGuire
16. Coming Home Soviet Style: The Reintegration of Afghan Veterans into Soviet Everyday Life / Karen Petrone
17. Everyday Life in Transnational Perspective: Consumption, Consumerism, and Party Favors, 1917-1939 / Choi Chatterj

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