Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East, Third Edition

Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East, Third Edition

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Publication date: 11/17/2014
Format: Paperback 43 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-01466-5
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The substantially revised and updated third edition of Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East focuses on the experiences of ordinary men, women, and children from the region. Readers will gain a grassroots appreciation of Middle East life, culture, and society that recognizes the impact of wars and uprisings as well as changes to Islamic practice due to advances in technology. The book also explores the influence of social media on politics and labor relations and the changing status of women, family values, marriage, childrearing, gender, and gay rights. This dynamic and imaginative volume continues to provide a rich resource for understanding contemporary Muslim culture in the Middle East.

Author Bio

Donna Lee Bowen is Professor of Political Science and Near Eastern Studies at Brigham Young University.

Evelyn A. Early, anthropologist and consultant, is a former senior foreign service officer.

Becky Schulthies is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University.


“Praise for previous editions: "[A] timely, well-researched and written analysis of popular and private life that is too often underestimated or overlooked yet which constitutes the majority of human existence in a region too often viewed from the narrow constraints of the state and its unrepresentative elites." —John Entelis "The broadening of Islamic studies (or regional studies on Islam) to include study of ordinary people, their daily lives, and popular cultures has been long overdue. [An] extremely interesting and innovative study which, in its own way, successfully challenges the pervasive misperception of the Middle East simply as a conflict-prone region." —Journal of Islamic Studies ". . . provides useful background reading for introductory courses to everyday history of the Middle East." —Journal of Palestine Studies "presents a grassroots look at what it is like to actually live in the Muslim Middle East . . . from Aghanistan and Iran to Morocco. [It] shows how religion is an important part, but not the sole part, of these people's lives." —Middle East Insight "This book is a welcome addition to the literature. . . ." —The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences”

“What makes this book special is that so many of its contributors really are able to get inside what is going on in the Muslim Middle East, the so-called Arab 'street'. Most of them have actually lived close to those they write about and speak the local language. . . . For those serving in one of our 'fortress' embassies in the Middle East, where getting to know those beyond the elite is difficult, this book should be a must-read.”
 — The Foreign Service Journal

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Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition
Note on Transliteration
Part I. Generations and Life Passages
Introduction to Part I
1. Traditional Songs from Boir Ahmad Collected and Translated by Erika Friedl
2. Acquiring Reason and Cultivating Strength: Growing up in Rural Morocco in a Time of Development Christine Nutter-El-Ouardani
3. Youth Expressions of Class and Mobility in Beirut, Lebanon Kristin Monroe
4. Harasiis Marriage, Divorce and Companionship Dawn Chatty
5. Two Weddings Jenny B. White
6. Kidneys, Kinship, and Muslim Ethics in Egypt Sherine Hamdy
7. Contested Traditions: Gender and Mourning Practices in Egypt Farha Ghannem

Part II. Gender Relations
Introduction to Part II
8. Young Women’s Sexuality in Tunisia: The Health Consequences of Misinformation among University Students Angel Foster
9. A Thorny Side of Marriage in Iran Erika Friedl
10. Cars Culture in Contemporary Qatar Andrew Gardner and Momina Zakzouk
11. Middle Eastern Masculinities in the Age of Assisted Reproductive Technologies Marcia Inhorn
12. Few ‘Gays’ in the Middle East, but Significant Same-Sex Sexuality William O. Beeman
13. The ‘Ramallah Girls:’ Social Change in Urban Space Natalie K. Jensen
14. Tamkin: Stories from a Family Court in Iran Ziba Mir-Hosseini
15. A New Jordanian Generation Wears the Hijab Donna Lee Bowen

Part III. Home, Community, and Work
Introduction to Part III
16. Politics, Politics, and More Politics: Youth Life Experience in the Gaza Strip Brian K. Barber
17. Islamist Activism in Jordan Quintan Wiktorowicz
18. Democracy’s Collateral Damage Victoria Fontan
19. Politics of Class on an Egyptian Factory Floor Samir Shehata
20. ‘Madam, You Drive a Hard Bargain:" Selling to Tourists in Tunis’ Medina Simon Hawkins
21. Human Insecurity in Lebanon Melani Cammett
22. Pedagogy, Islamic Education, and Life Lessons in a Jordanian Secondary School for Girls Fida J. A

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