Culture and Value

Culture and Value

Tourism, Heritage, and Property
Regina F. Bendix
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Publication date: 05/09/2018
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ISBN: 978-0-253-03567-7
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When heritage becomes a commodity, when culture is instrumental in driving tourism, and when individuals assert ownership over either, social, ideological, political, and economic motivations intertwine. Bestowing value on "culture" is itself a culturally rooted act, and the essays gathered in Culture and Value focus on the motivations and value regimes people in particular times and contexts have generated to enhance the visibility and prestige of cultural practices, narratives, and artifacts.

This collection of essays by noted folklorist Regina F. Bendix, offers a personal record of the unfolding scholarly debate regarding value in the studies of tourism, heritage, and cultural property. Written over the course of several decades, Bendix’s case studies and theoretical contributions chronicle the growing and transforming ways in which ethnographic scholarship has observed social actors generating value when carrying culture to market, enhancing value in inventing protective and restorative regimes for culture, and securing the potential for both in devising property rights. Bendix’s work makes a case for a reflexive awareness of the changing scholarly paradigms that inform scholars’ research contributions.

Author Bio

Regina F. Bendix is Professor of Cultural Anthropology/European Ethnology at the University of Göttingen, Germany. Her books include In Search of Authenticity and Backstage Domains. She is author (with Kilian Bizer and Dorothy Noyes) of Sustaining Interdisciplinary Collaboration, and editor (with Aditya Eggert and Arnika Peselmann) of Heritage Regimes and the State. Together with Ulrich Marzolph she edits the journal Narrative Culture.


“This book provides some useful historical materials for those interested in the development of both the anthropological and folkloric aspects of heritage and tourism studies.”
 — Choice

“ Comprising a concatenation of previously published articles, as well as unpublished conference presentations, Culture and Value presents some of the most important scholarship on these topics in the field of folklore in an eminently readable form. ”
 — Asian Ethnology

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Table of Contents

Culture and Value: An Introduction

Section I

Introduction: Creating, Owning, and Narrating within Tourist Economies

1. Tourism and Cultural Display: Inventing Traditions for Whom?

2. On the Road to Fiction: Narrative Reification in Austrian Cultural Tourism

3. Fairy Tale Activists: Narrative Imaginaries along a German Tourist Route (with Dorothee Hemme)

4. Capitalizing on Memories Past, Present and Future: Observations on the Intertwining of Tourism and Narration

Section II

Introduction: Heritage Semantics, Heritage Regimes

5. Heredity, Hybridity and Heritage from One Fin-de-Siècle to the Next

6. Heritage between Economy and Politics: An Assessment from the Perspective of Cultural Anthropology

7. Inheritances: Possession, Ownership, and Responsibility

8. The Dynamics of Valorizing Culture: Actors and Shifting Contexts in the Course of a Century

Section III

Introduction: Culture as Resource--Culture as Property

9. Expressive Resources. Knowledge, Agency, and European Ethnology

10. Daily Bread, Global Distinction? The German Bakers’ Craft and Cultural Value-Enhancement Regimes

11. TK, TCE, and Co: The Path from Culture as a Commons to a Resource for International Negotiation

12. Patronage and Preservation: Heritage Paradigms and Their Impact on Supporting "Good Culture"