Just Like Me

Just Like Me

The Vietnam War–Stories from All Sides
Distribution: World
Publication date: 08/28/2017
Format: Blu-ray
ISBN: 978-0-253-03355-0
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Just Like Me: The Vietnam War — Stories From All Sides documents the Vietnam War/American War from the points of view of the former enemies. These first-person stories provide a unique window into the complexities of this controversial war.

Just Like Me: The Vietnam War — Stories From All Sides is a journey from present to past and back again that follows filmmaker and Vietnam veteran Ron Osgood in his quest to recover fragmented and buried stories of the Vietnam War.

Through his own story, and the stories of other Hoosier veterans, Just Like Me: The Vietnam War — Stories From All Sides reveals multiple perspectives that are thematically interconnected. These perspectives include North and South Vietnamese, refugee/immigrant, and veteran, artist, musician and writer.

Unlocking intense, challenging and also humanizing aspects of the war, perceptions of “enemy” and “foe” begin to shift as the program unfolds, and key patterns begin to reverberate through themes of loss; love; memory and cathartic relief. The shared experience of the war becomes a realm to be explored, rather than to be avoided.

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WTIU Public Television is licensed through Indiana University and is a member station of PBS.

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