Perennials Short and Tall

Perennials Short and Tall

A Seasonal Progression of Flowers for Your Garden
Edited by Moya L. Andrews and Gillian Harris
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 03/26/2008
ISBN: 978-0-253-02059-8
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Designed for accessibility, this book offers tried-and-true advice on how to keep a yard in bloom. Presented in the sequence in which they bloom, with a chapter devoted to each of the three major growing seasons, 25 varieties of flowers are profiled with accompanying color illustrations. Additionally, Moya L. Andrews provides information about such basic topics as bed preparation, planting locations, weed control, and landscape principles. Andrews also offers practical tips on propagating, transplanting, and dividing perennials, as well as aesthetic considerations such as the use of color outdoors and flower arranging with cut blossoms. Suggestions for flower arrangement and producing indoor blooms in the winter months are also included.

Author Bio

Moya L. Andrews is Dean of the Faculties Emerita at Indiana University. A Master Gardener and author of numerous books, Andrews hosts "Focus on Flowers," a weekly radio show on WFIU, an NPR-affiliate, and writes gardening articles for Bloom Magazine. She lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Gillian Harris is a natural science illustrator. She is an Indiana Master Naturalist and recently served as president of the South-Central chapter of the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society (INPAWS). She lives in Bloomington, Indiana.


“Designed for accessibility, this book offers tried-and-true advice on how to keep a yard in bloom. A great read for novice gardeners!”

“Beginning and novice gardeners will find this book invaluable as they plan their gardens. With a colorful palette of well known, dependable plants listed in bloom order, Moya Andrews explains how to select, cultivate, site, and combine these tried-and-true flowering friends.”
 — Carolyn Harstad, author of Go Native! and Got Shade?

“The text descriptions for each of the flowers mentioned, and illustrations of most of the flowers by bloom sequence through the seasons, fills a vacancy in the gardening book market.”
 — Ezra Haggard, author of Trees, Shrubs, and Roses for Midwest Gardens

“Have you ever wondered how to plan your garden so that you can enjoy beautiful blooms throughout the gardening seasons? What about properly caring for perennials so that they continue to delight year after year? How about creating and displaying fresh-cut flower arrangements to share with neighbors and friends? Andrews, a master gardener and contributor to Bloom magazine, helps with all that and more in this handy volume. The 25 perennial flower profiles are arranged by season (according to when they bloom), and within each season they are arranged alphabetically by botanical name. Each profile contains a brief description, information about cultivation and care, and even short literary quotations to round it out. Harris's detailed, full-color illustrations provide a touch of whimsy to a book that speaks to hands-on gardeners and armchair enthusiasts alike. The appendixes help the reader identify plants for specific garden needs, e.g., perennials by color, those that are heat- and drought-tolerant or that need constant moisture, those that are deer-resistant or that flower in shade. There is also a short list of mail-order resources. A USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map is also included. Recommended for public libraries and special horticultural libraries serving both new and avid gardeners, especially where there are spring, summer, and fall blooming seasons—and cold winters.9/1/2008”
 — Library Journal

“Writing in an informative, yet casual style, Moya Andrews gives advice on growing flowering perennials in this guide for both novice and experienced gardeners, passing along her broad knowledge of the subject.September 2008”
 — Marilyn K. Alaimo, Chicago Botanic Garden Journal

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

1. An Inviting Garden
2. Work in Progress
3. Flowers across Three Seasons
4. Displaying Flowers
5. Spring
6. Summer
7. Autumn