Stars and Keys

Stars and Keys

Folktales and Creolization in the Indian Ocean
Lee Haring, With translations by Claudie Ricaud and Dawood Auleear. Lee Haring
Distribution: World
Publication date: 07/19/2007
ISBN: 978-0-253-00000-2
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In Stars and Keys: Folktales and Creolization in the Southwest Indian Ocean, Lee Haring introduces readers to the rich folklore traditions of the islands of the southwest Indian Ocean. The culture of Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Réunion, and the Comoros is a unique blend of traditions that have been brought from Africa, South Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The folktales from these islands reflect the diversity of this culture and provide a rare opportunity to observe the fluidity of traditions and the process of creolization. Haring presents the tales in a uniquely innovative style: he interrupts the text as if he were reading aloud and directly addresses the reader. His words and those of the storytellers are clearly distinguished, making this folktale collection useful to a wide range of readers and scholars.

Author Bio

Lee Haring is Professor Emeritus of English at Brooklyn College of The City University of New York. He is author of Verbal Arts in Madagascar: Performance in Historical Perspective; Ibonia: Epic of Madagascar; and several other books.

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Table of Contents

Chronology of the Southwest Indian Ocean
1. Land of the Man-Eating Tree
1. Origin of the Earth, Living and Inanimate Beings, according to the Tales of the Ancestors
2. The Man-Eating Tree
3. Origin of Social Classes
4. Origin of Human Beings; Expulsion from Paradise
5. The Seven Deadly Sins
6. Rasoanor
7. Origin of Mountains, Valleys, and Stones
8. Earth's Battle with Sky
9. The Birds Choose a King
10. God Appoints the Cock
11. Origin of the Ox
12. Origin of Cattle
13. Two for the Husband, One for the Wives
14. The Fall
15. Ranoro
16. The Origin of Wood Sculpture
17. Origin of Human Beings; The First Sculptor
18. Sun God Marries Earth
19. God Makes a Statue
20. Repairing an Egg
21. The Three Brothers
22. The Guinea-Fowl
23. Four Brothers: Bunku, Mladje, Sumbui, and Laul
24. Origin of the Animals, Creation of Various Species
25. Mr. Sun and Mrs. Earth
26. The Bat
27. Origin of the Fly
28. Crocodile, Chameleon, and Sitry
29. Ox and Crocodile
30. Master of the Earth
31. Self-Created
32. The Ungrateful Beast
33. The Girl Entrusted to a Servant
34. Tinaimbuati and God
35. Looking for Trouble
36. Ibonia
37. Half a Man
38. Why Vazaha Are Superior to Malagasy
39. The Boyhood of Radama II
40. Ngano
41. The Clever Peasant Girl
2. Diaspora
42. The Cat and the Fosa
43. Cock and Hare
44. Soungoula, Zako, and Mama Tig
45. The Deceptive Tug-of-War
46. Hare at the Animals' Well, 1
47. The Old Lady at the Bus Station
48. Hare Rides Tortoise A-courting
49. Mauritius's Bomb
50. The Cat and the Water-Rat
51. Hare at the Animals' Well, 2
52. Elephant, Hare, Lion
53. Soungoula at the Animals' Well
54. Soungoula's Tug-of-War
55. The Loose Handle
56. Bunuaswi the Wise
57. Bwanawasi
58. Making True Friendship
59. Slick a